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  2. Half way through boys Hey you, yes you, the one who hasn't posted a time, why have you not done it yet, hmm?
  3. 4/3/2021 Admin applications for TF2 are now found under the Admin Applications forum. 4/17/2021 Applicants for admin applications can now comment on their own app. Please note: Applicants are NOT allowed to comment on other applications if they have access to them. Any applicant that responds on applications that isn't their own will have their posts deleted and will be subject to punishment.
  4. Yeah Ik its chaos... /s Stop exaggerating this is how it was for years and it'll be fixed in less than a day.
  5. iBirb

    Guard Queue Plugin

    Bruh, the t's have no chance to win at all. How did this even happen. The team is locked after the ratio hit 1:1.5 or 1:2.
  6. Poke

    Guard Queue Plugin

    Keep in mind this isn’t going to be perfect, you guys are still going to need to put in the effort to keep ratio at it's correct form.
  7. May the force be with you
  8. 04/16/2021 Added a Bot Trail plugin for players to see where the bots are positioned. Players should now have an easier time tracking bot movements. (The trail will be made a little bit thicker since it can be difficult to see on brighter maps) Everyone say Thank you @Nano. for putting the plugin together so quickly!
  9. May the 4th lul @TheZZLi meant to vote vader aswell please add me as a vader stay vote
  10. Yesterday
  11. zzl ik its hard im not blaming you but im just gonna make you aware of the bugs that are possible
  12. Let it fucking die bro
  13. I think the issue is you started playing after we disabled it, so when we just enabled it it doesn’t have any of your time logged. The only solution would be to tough it out and get your registered in its database (So playing the 45 minutes). Sorry 😣
  15. zzl the swap is broken for me it wont swap me to ct and ratio is 1:4, it says i need 45 minutes of playtime but yet im captain rank and other people can join ct
  16. Plugin has been removed and we've reverted back to our original Ratio Control & CT Lockout. Read more here:
  17. 4/16/21 The Jailbreak Star Wars Event is live! All model additions are logged in that thread and the Jailbreak Models thead. Make sure to check out the official event thread to vote on which two models you want to stay on the server! Removed the Guard Queue after more bugs emerged making playing and switching to CT very difficult. We've Re-Added the old ratio control, CT Lockout, and CT Timer plugins for the time being, and we hope to be able to re-release the ratio plugin when all the issues are fixed. This means !guard !prisoner and !queue are dead commands and will no longer work. From now on use the default teamchange menu
  18. Droids are not apart of the empire they are apart of the separatists alliance and where is maul??? p.s. revan was before the empire so there is that to
  19. This isn't forged @Black Rain promise i just want to wath the mobie
  20. @Gentoo and @3ni are working on two separate maps, maybe you can paypal one of them?
  21. ignore the date. it was delayed by a week lol I don't think this movie needs an introduction. You either know the franchise or you don't! If you haven't voted yet, please vote here on upcoming movies you'd be interested in seeing. I have a poll up for the date and time and will go with the choice that has the most votes. In the event of a tie, I'll toss up another poll for you all to vote on. The current poll will close on Wednesday, April 21st so please make sure you vote in time! This movie is 1 hour and 50 minutes long. This movie is rated R due to "strong bloody violence and language throughout, and some crude references." I require all viewers 17 and under to sign this permission slip and return it to me. If you do not have this signed by a parent or guardian, then you will not be permitted to the movie. it's a fucking joke, don't do this. When? TBD Where? We'll be using Discord to watch the movie and hang out in the voice chat. If you aren't in the SG Discord, click on the icon below to join! Don't forget to join our official Steam group for updates on events by clicking on the SG logo below!
  22. Honestly, keeping Stormtrooper skins as a public CT skin and keeping Vader as a Donator CT skin would be Great imo.
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