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  2. I want everyone's thoughts on the Lions, this year only.
  3. please shut the fuck up
  4. Once again, all of this goes together. If you're killing someone for a traitorous act, you can KOS them for a traitorous act. You can use location and sound to figure out who committed a traitorous act. The killing off location rule is not worded right currently. The reason we have a location rule is to prevent people from KOSing a certain location, such as "KOS everyone in the yellow house." I'm going to look to get this changed soon.
  5. TheZZL

    Ct playtime change

    The plugin is not broken, it only enables once there are 20 people online and the requirement is 30 minutes of playtime. The whole point of a playtime requirement is to not only stump any hasty rule breakers, but also give new players adequate time to get acquainted with some of the rules; to expect every new player to have read all of the in-game and forum rules before they play CT is unreasonable. The point is to have new players get the basic understanding of our gamemode, then get on CT side and learn through experience. That's why it's important to kindly explain to people their mistakes and not have a tantrum in chat demanding a slay. The last discussion on raising requirements to get on CT side was here and was rejected for reasons best explained by @fantasticin this thread: So no, we will not be raising the requirements. However, we can discuss lowering the # of players required to enable the plugin, but I don't think that'll have any worthwhile effect.
  6. Good thing my event idea is being put into place!
  7. Today
  8. Event in 1 hour and 30 minutes!
  9. If everything goes as planned, map should be released this weekend.
  10. No you may not kos off sound, only if you are 100% sure that the person killed someone or did another traitorous act, or if you have other evidence that you can use.
  11. Quote from Kieran in this thread, while it's not the same question it gives the same answer. KOSing and killing goes hand in hand.
  12. You can kill if you are 100% if the person you heard kill someone is the same person you have been tracing. You cannot KOS off of sound, location, and cosmetics.
  13. I just wanted to clear it up, I've heard from some admins that you can only kill off sound. though, from other admins i heard you can kos and kill. i just want a clarified response on what it is.
  14. We were talking about bringing you on tbh I'll lyk if you actually wanna join in
  15. prod nate slide me on the beat
  16. When's it droppin??
  17. Can't wait to listen to a minute and a half of cringe lyrics that I can barely hear over a non copyrighted trap beat
  18. Jmc

    Making a rap song...

    @Tweedledee@rygor get a load of these copycats bud!
  19. I'm a great writer, the delivery is what I will need to focus on. Hell why not make one, if lil pump can make millions off "gucci gang" than anything is possible
  20. @kuri @Maniac I totally forgot about this thread. Lots of good info in here. The tl;dr: use your discretion as an admin. If it's pretty clearly inflating/trolling then there are adequate rules addressing point-farming/griefing/deliberately ruining rounds that apply depending on the situation. Just keep in mind you may have to back up your reasoning in a ban appeal if it goes that far.
  21. Arctic

    Spy is dumb

    And this guy’s applying for admin?
  22. Spy.

    Spy is dumb

    Hes just my fan ;)
  23. paggos

    Spy is dumb

    Y'all really making posts about anything now.
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