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    Any chance we can go back to the og supertower? It was a very popular map that often times filled the server. With the steamgamers edition being a replacement, it just doesn't appeal to people who want to play the map.
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  6. Bump! less than 2 days till the event!
  7. reasons… *didnt mean to post only that mb* Yes it is *a* part of the IA duties to moderate chats and channels; the purpose of the Discord Team is to dedicate their entire focus towards Discord. Its not a CA’s duty anymore to actively moderate discord. (Although they should still speak up if they see something) Whether its moderation, improvements, or changes to make the servers more user friendly. As well as up-keep of the ideals of how our communities servers should be running to maintain SG’s image for new members and potential partnerships/interests.
  8. Ah that’s my bad. I do however have to agree with Gentoo. Why do we need a whole rank for discord moderation when the CA rank exists? Part of their responsibilities include moderation of the forums so why not make it both the forums and discord? I highly doubt our community is going to gain attraction solely based on the fact that we have a rank dedicated to moderating the discord. It seems like the rank is just taking up space.
  9. The discord moderator role is already a thing? ZZL brought it up whether the role is staying and Gentoo was arguing whether or not the role is still needed.
  10. Wasn’t the whole premise of this post about restructuring and removing ranks? Why would we add a totally separate rank for something that could be done by any admin?
  11. The discord is the most active server SG has now. I wish the best to all the server managers and do hope the community servers do well but if SG would want to grow, discord is the best bet. I do agree that by having such a broad spectrum of games makes it extremely hard for the discord to get good retention though. As for the actual discord team, I agree that the CA+ side of SG should be the moderation team but having a separate role like discord moderator will help grow the moderation team without having to promote people to CA if they want to focus on discord moderation alone. The role should just stay as a mini CA/IA.
  12. CA+ is a moderation team, you don't need dedicated hall monitors Discord has also net us a whole 0 members in the YEARS the community has been pumping manpower into it. As far as I'm aware, no plan has been proposed or published that would realistically allow us to move forward in big strides as a discord specific community. Even the big "Discord communities" have an inflow from somewhere that they are centered around - YouTubers, Egirls, Brands, Servers etc. There are very few big servers that don't have a specific inlet, even so they tend to have a focus of sorts such as politics, modding, whatever. General gaming has the STEEPEST competition out of any of these categories. Please stop pushing this meme of Discord is super important and we're gonna hit it big as a Discord community if we just get partnered and keep putting time in. Go work or play on the servers.
  13. Does this include the Discord Team? Any aspirations to grow the discord will be stunted without the proper team in place. Discord itself will not recognize out server for any partnerships, programs, or benefits as a "Community Server" if we don't have a moderation team.
  14. 8/11/22 - Changed server from 45 slots to 36 slots Due to the fact that we're not filling up our server as much as we once were, we're dropping the slots slightly. This helps for appearance and perception, while also allowing us to set reasonable goals for ourselves. Currently, our goal is simply to fill up half the slots every day and get to the point where we're comfortably filling up 20 or more slots consistently. Once we get to a point where we're filling up the server in its entirety (this will obviously take some time), we'll reassess and perhaps put the number back up. - Changed round time from 5 minutes to 4 minutes This is actually how long the rounds used to be, way back when. Currently our goal is player retention, and decreased round times means dead players getting back into the game quicker. This is something I've always loved about our server, as majority of other competitors, now and long gone, had round times of 8--10 minutes. Which means if you die early, you're waiting for a ridiculous amount of time. Hopefully this works for everyone, though it is a test run. We'll soon evaluate how rules with time marks in them will be effected by this. - Removed the new Prisoner buy menu As I said in this thread here, we've removed the Prisoner buy menu entirely, at least for the time being. I appreciate the work BoTo did to create it and I genuinely believe it can be a good addition, but we need to do some heavy reevaluation. This will be discussed thoroughly with the community, and I encourage you all to post in that thread if you haven't already. More to come on this. ------------- I'll be posting multiple threads in the Jailbreak section either late today or tomorrow for feedback from the community about different elements of the gamemode. Please look out for these as I'd appreciate your thoughts.
  15. Hmm yes, rework or remove, yes or no
  16. Quick thoughts Call it black market because it's cooler and fits in rp Have items available and limits scaled by CTs alive on round start Add !stripsearch or !search to target one prisoner by name and delete weapons once a round - gives a good buff to CTs but also adds elements in that would allow a stacked T to surrender or wager for a pardon etc.
  17. Fine by me. It wouldn't be very hard to do and I agree that Tier 3s aren't much more difficult than T2s. We also have such a limited amount of T1 and T2s that it would be nice to expand the map pool.
  18. when me and zzl were SMs we had an idea for a t menu that never got released but the one thing everyone agreed on was no guns. it was mainly for the jihad but had other items similar to your example, although i believe nades were a bit controversial. don’t remember the items we discussed, i think some were custom, but im sure you can find the rough drafts for it in one of the JB chats.
  19. Okay.. let's break this down. I got promoted the day this got added, so despite not having a hand in its addition, I don't think this is as bad as people are making it out to be. Granted, I think the reason it's not as bad is because it wasn't given a very proper introduction and I myself didn't even know the command to use when I got on to use it. But I found it out, and I spent a couple hours two days ago just buying a Glock over and over and gunning CTs down as they came out of armory - very broken, yes. I later found out that only one weapon; either a Glock, USP, or Zeus can be bought per round - good. However, an extra gun in play every round is game breaking, especially a fully loaded one. I talked to Zero Two and we moved it down to one magazine for any gun bought. However, a talented T side player (like myself) can still do a ridiculous amount of damage with one clip of bullets every single round. And that's how it's currently working - there is a gun in play every single round with a full clip. I don't think this is right. My suggestion was to make a credit earning system, something along the lines of +100 for a kill, +50 for an assist, and buying something like a Glock would be like 750 credits. For the time being, I do think it's best we retire the weapons on the menu entirely. I agree with the points being made, I've already made them. Yes, T side has historically had a huge advantage on our server, and yes it's discouraging for people to play CT side with this menu added when it's already hard to get CTs to play. Do I think the menu is bad? No, the idea of the menu is fantastic in writing, but I think it needs some heavy restructuring. I'll be honest, I wouldn't have imagined a weapon in a prisoner buy menu at all when I thought of it, but I can see it being alright with proper balances. My ideal prisoner menu would look more like: a flashbang, a health refill (+50), and some other things that wouldn't cut too much into roleplay but still introduce a fresh new aspect to the game. And I think this is still a route we can take this and have it be a healthy addition to the server. However, for game changing additions such as this one, I've always preferred looking to the community prior to moving forward with it. A plugin has to be made, tested, altered, so on and so forth, and if the community doesn't like it then well, that's a lot of time wasted. Despite us having already done this, the community; you guys, are the ones playing the server, and I think we should be listening to you. Do you really refute the idea of a prisoner buy menu altogether? Or are the guns just too game breaking at the moment? Do you refute the idea of guns entirely or are they just too easy to get currently? I'm fine with this thread being treated as the feedback thread for the plugin - continue on with discussion. If it's deemed that most people dislike the idea of prisoners having any sort of new advantage like this, we're not gonna force it down your throats. We apologize for this inconvenience - the menu itself will be disabled entirely until further notice. Thanks.
  20. Same. Nothing lasts forever, but new and better things will hopefully come in the future.
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