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  2. I think the map completion reset will be a good thing. It will encourage people to go complete maps we know we have beaten before or who weren’t there when it was completed, I think it will also encourage good leadership and teamwork amongst the regs and the newer players. Sure some people will be upset with this, but I’m sure most players will have no issue with this and will be excited to be on a clean slate and know they were apart of the completion of a harder map.
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  4. This thread is to gather thoughts from people about the possibility of resetting map completions. As of right now we’re keeping it but we’re open to the idea of just completely resetting it. With completions being reset we can try to rework the system. Somethings that I have in mind is requiring a screenshot and the date of completion and putting the two next to the map name on the forums. Also depending on the map, the higher player count map wins will knockout old, lower player count map wins. Quite a few people who I introduced this idea to supported it saying that it could be a fresh start and could get people more motivated to try old maps and try to beat them. Also map completions were mostly just from word of mouth or from people experiencing it themselves but now we can try to rework it so that there could be more solid proof of it happening. There was also an argument against resetting, being that map completions are something that ZE servers/players took pride in since some maps are just so hard to beat and it takes quite a bit of time when it comes to tough maps. Post down below on what you guys think we should do with the map completion list.
  5. I seriously have no idea how long it's been since I heard this song, but I'm absolutely loving this lost memory I rediscovered.
  6. my opinion is that I would like to know what those big boy tech words all mean
  7. Last day to enroll in this giveaway. Don't pass up this chance at a free 3 month game pass! I
  8. So I recently watched a video about the new amd cards and they seem really interesting. I believe that they will rival the 30 series from nvidia this year. I have an amd gpu myself (5700 xt), and the drivers are dogshit. The performance is amazing though, so I believe that if the drivers get better, nvidia is going to be completely blown out of the water. There are rumors that the Radeon 6000 series will perform much better than the 3080. Let me know your opinions on this. I personally think amd is going full throttle and going for it all this year with their new cpus and new gpus.
  9. I’ll take a look at it in the morning
  10. Full map name: jb_arcade_b6 Type of map: Jailbreak Link to the map: What needs fixing? Dodge course stop button kills everyone on platform
  11. honestly i think this is a blessing in disguise cuz it should discourage clowns like you for giving warning shot head shots in the first place cuz of fear of missing and hitting someone else.
  12. pupster

    SG Halloween Week!

    Skribblio time come join the events channel in discord!!
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  14. 10/27/2020 Added AWP Bhop - Public Gamemode - Requires 6 players minimum to be voted for Maps: awp_arena_go awp_blocks_go awp_garden_go awp_cannons_kg_v4_hdr awp_lego_crazyjump_go_hdr awp_minecraft_desert_v5_hdr awp_sandy_triangles_kg_v2_hdr awp_lego_2011_go - Temporarily Disabled Added Minigame Maps: mg_arena_granary plr_pipeline pl_barnblitz_v1_2 pl_badwater_v1
  15. black rain or b0m for VP

  16. Reminder to post any bugs or issues you have with the Gangs plugin in the Jailbreak Crash and Bug report thread. It helps us keep track of all the issues so that we can fix them faster
  17. I'm almost positive that player models are just wrappings. I don't think that changes the hit box of a player at all. If you get a skin with a big giant head the heads hit box doesn't become this giant target it's still a regular sized hit box. @Darniaswould know more than me
  18. The only problem I've ever had with hitboxes is the minecraft head, but even then it's pretty basic to just guess where the head is.
  19. I'm just going to dump memes in this thread about how I feel about certain weeks throughout various seasons of SG fantasy football. Feel free to use this thread if you have shit memes to dump as well. Week 2, 2020: Week 6, 2020: Week 7, 2020:
  20. its definitely pronounced cara-mel. There wouldn't be another A in the middle if it wasn't. Anyone that pronounces it as "carmel" is definitely in the wrong and need to rethink some life choices. Just saying
  21. Che

    Cara-mel or Caramel

    This is litteraly the stupidest argument ever lmao
  22. Welcome everyone! Always get excited when a new Technical Team member joins too!
  23. You inadvertently flexed our monitors, thank you

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      Bud? i’ll have you no i’m 388 years old

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      My bad gramps

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