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  2. I hope @the baconator turns into a jew in nazi
  3. I disagree with the event part, I feel like if it really needs to be successful, it needs to be a permanent server with a cycle. I know some minecraft servers that ran a similar style although take it with a grain of salt since it’s a different game with billions more people and more customizability. I’m pretty sure you’re aware how difficult marketing can be and having a small community market an event over an extremely scarce target audience just makes it borderline impossible.
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  5. I had never actually thought of this. This is a really intriguing idea that is something that has potential, but I don't think the time is right at this moment to put this out. I would rather wait until the release of a new server to see how it does on it's own. I don't think this would be the best as its own independent server, but may be better implemented as a separate event. This is something I will put in the back of my mind and look into at a future date. Thanks for the suggestion, I like the concept. Feel free (anyone) to put more feedback to this. I think this has a really good basis to it.
  6. I clicked an oak button
  7. B/c @Creten likes to break stuff we had to go to yesterdays backup. Ask me gween or creten for anything you lost. The backup is from yesterday at ~6pm Anyway the server is also updated to the newer version, you shouldn't have to do anything to your curseforge installation so don't worry about that part.
  8. TheZZL

    Discord Changelog

    December 3rd 2021 Channels Added a new #food channel under the Lounge Category Updated #information to use Webhooks instead of a Bot (Thanks @Noxstar) If this change doesn't come immediately, it will happen ASAP once we get over a small hiccup. Category Changes Added the Staff Lounge Game Roles Added a new #bloons-tower-defense chat and @Bloons Tower Defense Role obtainable within #game-roles !
  9. I really want to ban you from the server.
  10. An 09’er posting on forums for this? Gots to see whats up. my only issue with this is that a lot of SG donations rarely (if not ever) go back into funding plugin developments and advertising, so developing a worthwhile private server that is paygated on top of marketing the prizepool would be extremely hard to pull off. The existence of private servers also always been a thing for bhop and whenever I check community tabs, it’s like 30 locked servers with 1 or 2 people in them so I’m not sure how much more effective adding a 100 dollar incentive would help but I genuinely like this idea. If anything I’d rather see this happen and fail 5 times then succeed a hundredfold then to never see money never invested back into the community. Good shit bro.
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  12. I know we are in the process of overhauling the server and maybe even splitting it into 2. But hear this suggestion. It could bring more people to the SG community. So we all know bhoppers are extremely competitive and bhop is more popular than ever. And we could use this fact to make it into an Esport sort of and get more people to support to the community. So this is the suggestion: We make a new server that is whitelisted so only people that buy 3 moths supporter rank can join. Also the only styles would be normal, scroll, d/w/a only and maybe sideways or half sideways And it resets every 3 months and at the end of the "season" the top ranking players wins money something like 100-200 $ split among the top 1-10 ranked people. And if you have to buy 3 moth supporter you pay 14.97 $ we only need about 14 people to become suporters in order to raise 200 $. And ofcourse this could be hard to pull off and we would have to really put our selfs out there so people know this is going on so maybe some sort advertisement to get it going. Personally i would probobly not have a chance to get top10 if we get some of the best bhoppers to join. But i think doing this could become something big. But more than anything i want to see bhop turn into an esport. Criticise this idea all you want but i really believe in this.
  13. event in 5 minutes. get on for some fun!!
  14. bumb, event in 25 minutes!!
  15. Che

    MG Classic

    bump 2 days
  16. bump, event in 3 hours!!
  17. I only voted John because that Forza clip where zealot was drunk rambling is super accurate and that's all zealot does.
  18. I just got called mid good edits tho loved it
  19. can we have an honorable voting spot for the goat mrtlexify
  20. Wake up! It's Clip of the Month! be sure to vote for your favorite clip for the prize of nothing!
  21. going to try vault hunters tonight heard it's fun
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  23. We still popin every day so make sure to stop by!
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