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  3. Guess I'm coming out of my hiding from WoW to destroy a server full of regs on my own.
  4. I think u underestimate the amount of tryhard css players we have as admins.
  5. Admins here are dog water, any reg solo with neg diff.
  6. IT IS NOT OVERESTIMATING THAT THIS IS THE GREATEST EVENT OF ALL TIME, EVERYONE IS GONNA BE THERE (including a paid visit by my good friend caution, you cannot miss this event)
  7. hey @20 scrolls, sounds like they're looking for roof campers
  8. can we have an event where bloodblades uses a mic ?!?!!!!!!
  9. Now its january 29th, caught
  10. U said december 29 on discord, nerd
  11. Very excited for this event, shoutout to those mentioned and my @Maniac for all his helpful input.
  12. Thanks @Nate.for the great banner! Crackhouse Admins Vs Regs! After popular demand we made an event for this great CS:S TDM map! Admins and Regulars will duke it out on SGs special version of Crackhouse, so make sure to attend to get some of that nostalgic CS:S vibe with a modern twist! A very special shoutout goes to @3ni for porting and customizing this map for us! When? Friday, January 29th @ 7 PM EST Where? IP: The IP will be released on the day of the event! Join the SG discord to stay connected!
  13. Bump - Just incase anyone's interested
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