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  2. What is your in-game name? [SG] Phoenix What is your STEAM ID? STEAM_1:0:160303240 What style are you entering in? Normal Time for submission: 1:58.317 Screenshot of time Video Submission (optional)
  3. Mans actually insane (in a good way :D) Very, very well deserved! Congratulations!
  4. Congrats to you Phoenix, very well deserved!
  5. Congrats, welcome to the club.
  6. Definitely deserved, congrats phoenix!
  7. This man has been KILLING it as of late. Well deserved bud!
  8. congrats phoenix, well deserved
  9. Hello everyone. Today we are going to be showing our appreciation for a guy who has stayed around the community through thick and thin. It is a pleasure to have him around and read all of his new posts behind the scenes. He makes spectacular posts at a CA level and puts in a ridiculous amount of effort. His suggestions and ideas may not always come to fruition but it shows that he cares enough to put aside his own time and bring new ideas to the table. Please join me in congratulating @Phoenix_ for achieving Staff of the Month!
  10. might actually hop on ttt for once for this
  11. Today
  12. If you saw it say september.... no you didn't. date fixed. it's this upcoming saturday, not next month
  13. bro why this shit next month
  14. This is what we need to revive ttt! Can't wait to play my favorite map nuketown!
  15. TheZZL

    new models

    I said July 31st/August 1st but I’m really sick as some of you know. I’ll have them out soon
  16. Thanks to @thuxysfor the banner! Do YOU like sitting in a corner of a map hard scoping and making children mad? Do you live in your mother's basement? This event is for YOU! Call of TTT is going to be four maps from COD games and you’re only allowed to use scoped weapons like the AUG, Krieg, AWP and more. AWPs will be on the map for everyone to use. This will only be for the duration of the event. When Saturday, August 7th @ 5 PM EST Where / Maps de_firing_range ttt_terminal_sg_v1 ttt_highrise_mw2_sg ttt_nuketown_sg_v1
  17. The plague is inescapable.
  18. This is the kinda shit that reminds me why this place is so fucking cool. I love the people here and these servers have let me meet some really cool people, and the fact that you guys are able to do these kinds of events and giveaway these kinds of prizes is really incredible to me. Congrats to everyone who won, and I give mad props to everyone who was able to include and give out the prizes.
  19. ur girlfriend looks like my mom L

  20. I have done the draw and I've come up with our 2 participant winners. @DabOfGravy & @Atrix are the two winners of the Elite Supporter Draw! Congrats to both of you for your free month as an Elite Supporter and thanks for joining the event.
  21. In-game name: Steperd Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:531314089 Time for submission: 37.02 Screenshot of time: Video Submission (Optional):
  22. bob on steam


    hype and lobster when on a rampage as they were me, kos orders, and unreasonable orders
  23. Bhop Event Submission Template What is your in-game name? What is your STEAM ID? What style are you entering in? Time for submission: Screenshot of time Video Submission (optional) Submissions can be done in this manner: (quote the post replace the "" and delete the QUOTE tags)
  24. This Months Map! bhop_sugarspeed (T3) (Video Preview of the Map) This Months Styles! Normal Segmented Scroll Rewards: Normal Prize: Dead By Daylight + 3,000 Credits Segmented Prize: Human Fall Flat + 3,000 Credits Scroll Prize: Fallout 3 GOTY Edition + 3,000 Credits Where to Join?: CLICK HERE or use the IP "" The contest will span from August 1st- August 31st, any times posted afterwards will not count. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on the forums, discord, or talk to me if you see me in-game. If you get a better time and wish to resubmit, Do not make a new submission, edit your current submission to your new time. You are allowed one submission per style. Good luck sweats
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