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  3. I’ll join for game 2 as well if that works
  4. Can I not be on @WavYteam all games
  5. Game 1 or 2 I just wanna play 1 @Arctic wolf
  6. BoM

    Valorant Scrim 3 Jubilee

    Game 1, Game 2. All of em.
  7. I'll join for game 1
  8. Thanks to @Acer and @Strayyz for the help setting up! Valorant Scrim #3 What's good everyone its that time again for another Valorant Scrim! We'll be playing two streamed games on our twitch channel with casting from, you guessed it @Strayyz! With the new map "Breeze" now out I am excited to see how players will come up with their own unique and exciting plays! How to join? Simply add me or Acer on Valorant, our tags are Hàwkés#NA1 and ac15CR#NA1 and then comment on this thread with what game you wish to partake in! We'll be doing sign ups this time around for the first two games and any further games will be first come first serve so make sure to snag that slot quick! Game 1 Game 2 Hawks Bom Error Wavy TheZZL Jin Gween Baconator Osen Hawks JMC Daichi Touchy Kable Kanye Arctic Wolf Clamor Osen Bom Player 10 When? The Event will be on Saturday June 19th @8:00PM EST See you there agents!
  9. Yesterday
  10. Thank you for everyone that came out! I hope you had a good time if you decided to come
  11. EVENT HAPPENING IN JUST A FEW MINUTES! HOP ON NOW AND GET READY FOR SOME MADNESS!!!! steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/ steam://connect/
  12. event is in just under an hour!! be there or be square!!
  13. I'll only attend this event if you give me a cookie.
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