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If you would like to donate to support your favorite Steam-Gamers server(s), Teamspeak 3, or website, please use the link below and contribute any amount you wish. Your donation(s) will be used to keep these services running smoothly and to fund events such as giveaways for the community. All donors will be recognized on the forum for their support. If you have any questions about donating, please feel free to post a new thread, or contact Caution directly via private message on the forum.
Make a One-Time Donation
Note: For every $5 you donate, you will receive 1 month of subscription rewards. This means if you make a one-time donation of $10, you will receive rewards for 2 months. You can choose to either become a subscriber or VIP depending on how much you donate. Subscriber is $5 a month, VIP is $10 a month. When you donate you can only pick one. You cannot do 2 months of VIP and 1 month of Subscriber. To learn more about becoming a Subscriber, click here.
Store Credits
This is the new pricing for if you'd like to donate for the in-game store credits. If you donate purely for store credits, you will not receive subscriber as well. It is one or the other. Please note at the time of your donation, that the donation is going towards store credits by selecting yes on the form here!
  • $5 - 2,000 credits
  • $10 - 4,000 credits
  • $15 - 7,000 credits
  • $20 - 10,000 credits
  • $25 - 13,000 credits
  • $30 - 16,000 credits
  • $35 - 20,000 credits
  • $40 - 25,000 credits
  • $45 - 30,000 credits
  • $50 - 35,000 credits
  • And 5,000 credits for every $5 donation after.
So for instance, if you donate $75 you will get 60,000 credits.
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