Wither storm boss fight

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Huge thanks to @crazedkangaroo for the incredible banner.

Crackers wither storm

Crackers Wither storm mod is a recreation of the Witherstorm seen in the critically acclaimed Minecraft story mode game. It's a multistage boss fight where you need to run, survive and collect materials to take down the beast. The Witherstorm can be seen from up to 10,000 blocks away. The Withersotrm will be spawned at spawn with everyone around, once the Witherstorm is summoned it's everyone man for himself and the first person or group to defeat it wins


How do I download?

Cursed Forge:



08/07/2022 at 4pm EST

Server info will be given day of the event

Informational Video


We'll also be using Discord to hang out so click on the button below if you aren't in it yet!

Click on the Discord icon below to join us.


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