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Discord Art Contest! | AI Generation

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Some of you may have noticed a new channel has been added in the -- [Casual] -- section of the discord called #ai-art (Link to Channel).

In this channel you are able to use the the MidJourney Bot to generate images based on prompts that you provide

(See the pinned message in the channel for details on how to do this)


I have been having a lot of fun with this bot and others have been experimenting with the Dall-E counter part which is waitlist based and then @thuxys suggested hosting an art contest so here we are.


Details and Rules

Submissions will be accepted for Three Weeks starting Right Now until August 26th.

All submissions will go through this form:

 Dyno Form


You are only allowed ONE submission for the entirety of the contest, so choose wisely.

I will personally vet inappropriate or non AI-generated art and reach out if your submission will not be accepted.

MidJourney allows 25 free image generations before asking you to subscribe.

If you have already used these free generations reach out to me and I will personally help you generate up to 15 Images.

(This will only be available the first 2 weeks of the competition)

Following the 3 week submission period, a 3 day voting event will occur on the discord in a new channel, with all submissions on display.

The submissions will be anonymized to prevent as much bias as possible. 

If any ties occur by the end of the 3 days for the top 3 positions, a run-off vote will occur. 



1st: 1 Month of Discord Nitro

2nd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic

3rd: 1 Month of Nitro Classic


I know we are trying out a lot of new things here so please let me know if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns!

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I really enjoyed that NVIDIA Canvas AI contest that was held a while ago. I've generated about 50 really nice images that I like with DALL-E 2 so it's going to be fun figuring out what to submit. Thanks for this contest.

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