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Shutting Down MiniGames

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Hello everyone,


The Board has come to the decision to shut down MiniGames. After constant evaluation, we've concluded that it's in our best interest to, for the time being, not split our population in multiple directions and focus majority of our efforts on TTT and Jailbreak. We've been seeing some fantastic progress with TTT lately and it's garnering a steady population, so we're hopeful that this is the right move. Along with TTT and Jailbreak continuing to run and our efforts going towards them, the Surf, Bhop, Retakes, and Scrim servers will stay online as well.


We're extremely content with this format, and the staff team we have behind them. We're looking forward to working with our server managers, our staff members, and our player base to continue progressing the servers further and working our way back up to where we once were. The removal of MiniGames is temporary; contingent on the progress we see with TTT and Jailbreak and whether or not we can get back to the point of them being self-sustainable. We foresee this happening in the near future.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to MiniGames over the years, and for those of you who love the server, know this isn't the end. Additionally, thank you to everyone contributing to the success of the servers currently, we're very appreciative of it. The Board is putting their full effort and attention towards helping the servers succeed by way of playing and engaging with the community, and we're looking forward to continuing to work with our staff team and our dedicated players to help things progress.


Thanks everyone.

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Paul, Bread, and Vick, otherwise known as the ghosts of minigames past, will be visiting you next month Dominic.

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All good things must come to an end.


Thankful for the memories. 



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It's a tough lost but all good things must come to an end, and MG had it's time.

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