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Feed the Beast - MindCrack




As people requested, we now have a Minecraft - Feed The Beast server!


MindCrack is a Minecraft ModPack with all kinds of different mods combined together, to give you a bigger and better gaming experience on Minecraft.

You can find all the mods which MineCrack uses here: MindCrack Pack - Feed The Beast Wiki


How to connect:

  1. Go to Feed the Beast and download either tha JAR or EXE (your choice) and save it where you want the game to be saved.
  2. Open the downloaded file (this is the file you will be using every time to start the game).
  3. Click on the "MODPACKS" tab (Screenshot).
  4. Click on "MindCrack Pack" (Screenshot).
  5. Create Profile, fill in your Minecraft Login (Screenshot).
  6. Click on Launch.
  7. Add our server to your favorites, and connect!


Make sure to read our ingame rules when you first spawn (or type /spawn).




Official Steamgamers Minecraft Website


Check it out -


You got it, we now have our official Minecraft website for our server(s).

Trying to organize everything for our Minecraft Servers in a single forum-Section was quite difficult.

But now with our own website, specifically for our Minecraft part, makes everything easier and also nicer looking.


From now on, everything will be announced there. All the changes, announcements, events, etc will all be discussed on the new website.

The Minecraft section on this forum will stay for a couple of days, after that I will make it a clickable link which directs you to our new website.


When you make an account on the website, you are able to link your Minecraft account to your forum account on the new website. By doing that, it will give you your rank from the server to you on the website.

So for example you are a Donator on the server, you will get the Donator status on the website too.

More info on how to do it, you can find here:








This is the first time we are running a Mindcrack server, this means that I currently have no idea how the server will handle more than 10 people (server tested with maximum 10 people).


The RAM is currently very stable, and I am sure we will have NO issue on that part.

The CPU usage on the other hand seems to be going very high, I have no clue how it will handle with more players.


So EXPECT lag to be happening, and possibly some downtime in case it really isn't going well.


Please, for now, do not explore far. Find a suitable place not too far from spawn, and settle there. Exploring causes lots of CPU usage!





Follow us on Twitter:

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1. Be sure to read the updated rules -


2. Every time you complain about lag, a puppy dies. Most likely we will upgrade and until then there might be issues.


3.Please consider donating and helping us out :

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Also, for the people who have twitter, we also made a twitter account for the Minecraft part of Steamgamers.

We will be using Twitter for announcing changes and other stuff.

For people without Twitter, do not worry, everything of importance will also be posted on the website :)


Follow us here:

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So, on the I have to make another account correct?




In case you already have an account on it (If it tells you that account already exists) then login with the already made account.

There is a chance you already made one, because the login system is linked to multiple other websites which use the same system. So don't be surprised you happen to already have an account ^^

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Pretty cool stuff, even though I don't play Minecraft. :^_^:


Your gonna have to dust off your account.

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Pshht, telling me not to explore.


I'll donate shortly to help smooth the issues. I don't want this server shitting the bed inside of a month like Tekkit did.

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Pshht, telling me not to explore.


I'll donate shortly to help smooth the issues. I don't want this server shitting the bed inside of a month like It does every time it gets revamped


Its a rather common occurrence, most people don't play minecraft for that long before they get bored again. *mumbles something about bad endgame* :p

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Just as a PSA, can people please stop typing 'lag' when we experience lag? I'm running out of 'Great Job!' stickers.

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