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Reset !topgangs and !cttop leaderboards for the Gang Wars & CT Rank Race Event



  • Updated the Gangs plugin thanks to @Nishok
    • Fixed bugs
    • Gang names now reflected in the scoreboard behind Prisoner's names
    • !topgangs will now refresh from map switch
    • Multiple alias commands (I.e !topgangs and !gangs will work with or without the s)

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- Changed the Blatant Disobey definition in the Rules & FAQ from  


When Prisoners act in a way that would make you lose track of them, and overall makes your job as a CT harder because you have to shift your focus from the main group to the disobeying prisoner.



When a prisoner is purposely disobeying in an attempt to escape and draw attention away from the main group.

With this change we hope that it clearly defines what it means to be blatant, while not changing the gameplay at all. Along with this, we'll be adding a new FAQ post that reads

  • Q- How does Blatantly Disobeying work?

A- Blatantly Disobeying is a term that means the prisoner has disobeyed enough for it to become negligent of the order and Guards can kill the Prisoner without a warning shot. A Prisoner is not Blatantly Disobeying for simply disobeying an order. Examples of Blatantly Disobeying are running far enough in the opposite direction of an order, or running into/towards a secret that is not in the path of the order. While Detouring/Delaying may seem like Blatantly Disobeying, it only turns into it once the Prisoner displays clear intent to not follow the order and escape. Most cases of Blatant Disobey are situational, so ask an administrator for clarity on the situation.


Removed jb_spy_vs_spy_v1-6sg and Added jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2
Removed jb_arctic_jail_v3 and Added jb_arctic_jail3_hdr

Edited by Dom

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Removed Terminator and Nazi Guard models


Updated maps:

Removed  jb_lego_jail_2k17 and replaced it with jb_lego_jail_2k17_hd

Removed ba_jail_minecraftparty_v6 and replaced it with ba_jail_minecraftparty_v8


Changes made for the JB Winter event

Added snowfall plugin to the server

Added Grinch, Natalie, Xmas Miku models to CT side and Santa, Christmas Monkey, Jack Frost models to T side

Removed ba_jail_electric_revamp_f3 and replaced it with ba_jail_electric_revamp_sgxmas

Removed jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2 and replaced it with jb_spy_vs_spy_xmas_v2

Removed jb_summer_jail_hdr_fix and replaced  it with jb_summer_sgxmas

Edited by TheZZL

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- @Bara's nade-fix-error plugin to get rid of future instances (and current ones) where a nade/smoke is thrown on a vent and ear rapes the server

- jb_winter_summer_jail_sgxmas to replace the current broken version with messed up ladders/no music in the Disco. 

- jb_lost_planet_redux_v7 to fix a broken texture on the newest fix


- Fixed Guards not getting armor on jb_lego_jail_2k17_hd


Big shoutout to @20 scrollswho has worked really hard on the past few maps, thank you!

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- Merry Christmas everyone! This map has been requested more times than @20 scrolls asking girls out on dates unsuccessfully... welcome jb_clouds_pg back to the map pool!


- Increased the price of the Monkey skin back up to 5,000 Credits since our Christmas Day Event is over.


- Also, Changed  • No spamming of any kind (voice or chat). to • No spamming of any kind (voice, chat, radio, or skins).


Edited by TheZZL

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Posted (edited)



We've go a few additions today that should help with the QOL and mood of the server.


  • Increased CT Timer to 45 minutes, and plugin now enables at 16 players online instead of 20
    • With this change we hope that it helps newer players understand CT side more before jumping right into it, and also help them better understand the rules with more time being on T side.
  • Fixed lighting issues plaguing some of our maps, @20 scrolls just never learned proper coding and doesn't understand you need a CLOSE BRAKCET at the end. No but seriously, thank you Scrolls!
  • Added a new rule stating



Guards CANNOT Give Chat Orders during the First Order (!fo)

  • We've seen a lot of issues come with Guards taking the first order just to give sub-par orders through chat, or take the first order and mess up the flow of the round because they can't type fast enough. This change should hopefully clear up the confusion that takes place during First Order when it's given via chat, and also gets rid of the chaos that comes with it. 



Edited by Dom

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Posted (edited)



Added a new rule stating players that have received communication bans from Valve are not allowed to join CT.

Click here to learn how to get your ban removed.


Updated model prices. Public models are now 15k credits, Basic and Premium supporter models are 18k-20k and Elite supporter models are 25k.

Moved the awp in awp secret on ba_jail_electric_revamp_f3 from above the garage door to above the window like on ba_jail_electric_razor_go_pb



  • Snow plugin
  • Grinch, Natalie, Santa, and Jack Frost models from the Jailbreak Winter event
  • Removed ba_jail_electric_revamp_winterjb_spy_vs_spy_xmas_v2jb_winter_jail_sgxmas and replaced them with the normal versions ba_jail_electric_revamp_f3, jb_spy_vs_spy_beta7-2, jb_summer_jail_hdr_fix 
Edited by Dom
ZZL is literally Dominic Jr.

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