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At long last, introducing Last Requests V3.0 ! A very very big shoutout goes to @20 scrolls who worked tirelessly over the summer and during the fall on custom coding every single aspect of this new plugin. Everyone, please, give @20 scrolls a big thank you and kiss next time you see him. We should also give a thank you to @Cept For Her, the original coder for this plugin over a year ago. He first made our own custom SG LR Plugin back when we were using the super buggy standard version. Thank you too, Cept.


New LRs

  • Dodgbeball LR with Custom Dodgeballs

  • Push the Button ( 3 Levels)

  • Grenade Battle

  • Tag

  • Custom LRs

  • Bhop Count

  • Race

New LR Features

  • Gun Toss Distance Calculator

Quality of Life Additions

  • !rpsmenu and !ptbmenu can now be used to re-open the LR window if interrupted/closed
  • Admins (and Managers) have an improved admin log
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs with Gun Toss, Knife Fight, and more
  • Fixed an issue with the LR Sprite sign giving players outside the LR x-ray
  • Fixed miscellaneous grammar and spelling issues
  • Edited the LR message line to advertise how to LR


If you encounter any new bugs with this update, please comment them using the format provided in this thread here:


  • Fixed an issue with jb_neon_v1_4 not appearing in the map pool @RemixedPixel
  • Removed Christmas maps and features from the last event



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along with the T ranks system were added back to the Jailbreak server

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  • Changed jihad from 1 per round to 2 per round due to player base request
  • New T Ranks system has been added (Thanks Boto)
  • added the following maps to the map pool ba_mlcastle_se and jb_legobels_corp_v1d



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  • Added map JB_elwrci
  • Added the following items to the ct buy menu Riot Shield (One Per round due to power balance) and Speed Boost (1.2x the movement speed)
  • Removed  Jb_quake Due to the map killing the pop when played

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  • Added New plugin that allows players to toggle the function of grenades in game New functions are Proximity mine (limit one every minute due to balancing) impact (Explodes on impact as stated by the name) Trip wire (Allows players to set up a claymore so to speak Also limited to 1 per minute due to balancing).
  • Added A plugin that gives the ts a menu (similar to the ct menu) that allows them to buy a variety of items with points acquired by playing the rounds. items are glock (one per round) usp (one per round) Zeus x27 (One per round) Armor boost (gives 50 body armor) Frag grenade (one per round) Health boost (Gives 50 hp with a max hp limit of 100) Also a big thank you to @BoTofor working on these plugins for me
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