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At long last, introducing Last Requests V3.0 ! A very very big shoutout goes to @20 scrolls who worked tirelessly over the summer and during the fall on custom coding every single aspect of this new plugin. Everyone, please, give @20 scrolls a big thank you and kiss next time you see him. We should also give a thank you to @Cept For Her, the original coder for this plugin over a year ago. He first made our own custom SG LR Plugin back when we were using the super buggy standard version. Thank you too, Cept.


New LRs

  • Dodgbeball LR with Custom Dodgeballs

  • Push the Button ( 3 Levels)

  • Grenade Battle

  • Tag

  • Custom LRs

  • Bhop Count

  • Race

New LR Features

  • Gun Toss Distance Calculator

Quality of Life Additions

  • !rpsmenu and !ptbmenu can now be used to re-open the LR window if interrupted/closed
  • Admins (and Managers) have an improved admin log
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs with Gun Toss, Knife Fight, and more
  • Fixed an issue with the LR Sprite sign giving players outside the LR x-ray
  • Fixed miscellaneous grammar and spelling issues
  • Edited the LR message line to advertise how to LR


If you encounter any new bugs with this update, please comment them using the format provided in this thread here:


  • Fixed an issue with jb_neon_v1_4 not appearing in the map pool @RemixedPixel
  • Removed Christmas maps and features from the last event



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along with the T ranks system were added back to the Jailbreak server

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  • Changed jihad from 1 per round to 2 per round due to player base request
  • New T Ranks system has been added (Thanks Boto)
  • added the following maps to the map pool ba_mlcastle_se and jb_legobels_corp_v1d



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  • Added map JB_elwrci
  • Added the following items to the ct buy menu Riot Shield (One Per round due to power balance) and Speed Boost (1.2x the movement speed)
  • Removed  Jb_quake Due to the map killing the pop when played

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Posted (edited)


  • Added New plugin that allows players to toggle the function of grenades in game New functions are Proximity mine (limit one every minute due to balancing) impact (Explodes on impact as stated by the name) Trip wire (Allows players to set up a claymore so to speak Also limited to 1 per minute due to balancing).
  • Added A plugin that gives the ts a menu (similar to the ct menu) that allows them to buy a variety of items with points acquired by playing the rounds. items are glock (one per round) usp (one per round) Zeus x27 (One per round) Armor boost (gives 50 body armor) Frag grenade (one per round) Health boost (Gives 50 hp with a max hp limit of 100) Also a big thank you to @BoTofor working on these plugins for me
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- Changed server from 45 slots to 36 slots 


Due to the fact that we're not filling up our server as much as we once were, we're dropping the slots slightly. This helps for appearance and perception, while also allowing us to set reasonable goals for ourselves. Currently, our goal is simply to fill up half the slots every day and get to the point where we're comfortably filling up 20 or more slots consistently. Once we get to a point where we're filling up the server in its entirety (this will obviously take some time), we'll reassess and perhaps put the number back up.


- Changed round time from 5 minutes to 4 minutes


This is actually how long the rounds used to be, way back when. Currently our goal is player retention, and decreased round times means dead players getting back into the game quicker. This is something I've always loved about our server, as majority of other competitors, now and long gone, had round times of 8--10 minutes. Which means if you die early, you're waiting for a ridiculous amount of time. Hopefully this works for everyone, though it is a test run. We'll soon evaluate how rules with time marks in them will be effected by this.


- Removed the new Prisoner buy menu 


As I said in this thread here, we've removed the Prisoner buy menu entirely, at least for the time being. I appreciate the work BoTo did to create it and I genuinely believe it can be a good addition, but we need to do some heavy reevaluation. This will be discussed thoroughly with the community, and I encourage you all to post in that thread if you haven't already. More to come on this.




I'll be posting multiple threads in the Jailbreak section either late today or tomorrow for feedback from the community about different elements of the gamemode. Please look out for these as I'd appreciate your thoughts.

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We were trying to pack a bit more into our title to perhaps appeal to more people. We also felt gangs wasn't really a staple of our server, but a draw nonetheless. Not having a warden is what has always separated us from other servers, so therefore that should be somewhere in there. We also wanted to advertise our rank plugins in some sort of way, but we had very limited space in the title, thus "RANKS". This is subject to constant change based on whether or not we feel it's helping us.


- Removed a bunch of advertisements off of the server - looking to remove more and add more Jailbreak oriented ones


You probably notice our server advertisements popping up in chat nonstop. We went in there and clipped a bunch of them - some having to do with applying for ranks at SG, some about our other servers, and a shit ton about purchasing Supporter. Quite a few were removed in addition to one being added about the ongoing Top Prisoner Contest. I'm interested in removing even more and perhaps adding some that would be more useful for a player, such as the one that advertises the !fo command.


- Changed multiple player # requirements regarding the First Order plugin


First of all, the biggest one, we changed the required number of players for First Order to be enabled from 12 to 1. Given the low population currently we want to allow people to use First Order more often, plus there's really no harm even if it's just two CTs for one of them to have a bit of time to get the round started off correctly. 


We also changed the number of players required for the CTs to be able to use the !fo command a second time in one round from 25 to 16. Once again, mostly to do with the low population but also it may promote more order on the CT team if one CT leads the team midway through the round with the orders.


Lastly, we changed the amount of players required to extend the First Order timer from 25 to 20. This one, like all of them, is pretty arbitrary, but considering 20 is more than half the server now, it could help when things get chaotic. All of these numbers are subject to constant change based on feedback and results.


- Reset T ranks (!top) and launched the "Top Prisoner Contest" with more to come


I had grander plans for rolling out multiple contests at once with a more sophisticated prizes system, but time I'm spending working on Jailbreak is limited. However, an optimal scenario would be us running 4 contests consistently each month with much more enticing prizes. For now though, we're running this one contest and we hope people enjoy partaking in it. The prize is pretty great if you have some models you're interested in buying (the server has a lot it seems) so hopefully you're all gunning for that top spot.


- Gave server administrators access to /hp, /gravity, and /speed


Seems only fair for the public to be aware of this change and the reasoning behind it. We gave admins access to these commands to perform "fun rounds" when the population is kicking up or there's not many people online. People seem to take well to these and have fun with them. However, admins are not to do these once the server hits 10 players, because at that point we want gameplay to occur naturally and newcomers to see how the server truly is. Admins are also expected to call votes or ask for player approval and get roughly 50% of those online on board with doing them.


- Regained access to the Jailbreak Steam Group - plans on reforming it


This isn't a huge change or anything, and most of you have probably seen my thread regarding our Steam group. But we have access to it again and plan on giving admins the necessary permissions to shoot up announcements when they're trying to populate the server. Additionally, I've purged all comments and plan on purging all announcements and putting more useful stuff there + it just looks less cluttered that way. This isn't a big priority though given the fact that Steam groups have slowly become less popular. We may also look into giving admins permission to call everyone on using the SG Discord. More to come on this.


- Jailbreak has its own section, this is a win for all of mankind


It only took 7 years of me being here, but Jailbreak finally has its own big and bold forum section. Hopefully this encourages newcomers to look through the section and perhaps give us feedback on certain things, or use any of the subforums it has underneath it. Suggestions for other subforums are welcome, as I have a few ideas of my own. We don't want to clutter it obviously, but we do want to make it as efficient and useful as possible.





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- Made !buddy command available to the public


The !buddy command allows you to attach yourself to someone else and spawn with them in order to coordinate rebellions. We believe this is a fun new added aspect to the gameplay and we want the public to be able to use it. Especially considering the current lack of Elite Supporters, we think it's a waste to keep it restricted to that rank. The coming days will show us if this command causes any issues being open to the broader public.


- The Prisoner Buy Menu is back!


After much deliberation, we've decided to re-enable the Prisoner Buy Menu. Each prisoner starts off with 500 credits and thus, can only buy one item. Currently, here's what's available to you on the menu:


- Armor Boost (+25 armor)

- Flash Grenade

- Glock-18 (with 3 bullets)

- HE Grenade

- Health Boost (more like a replenish.. +25 health whenever you need it)

- Tactical Awareness Grenade


We think this is a great new addition to the gameplay and can help to spice things up a bit more. We welcome feedback on how this affects gameplay and any other additions / changes you want to see to it. (There will probably be a thread on this specifically.) Huge thank you to @BoTofor the help with this edit.


- Finished up removing chat advertisements and adding a few new ones


We finished cleaning up the chat advertisements to reduce clutter and make them more Jailbreak oriented. I've added a couple new advertisements, one regarding the opportunity to join our Staff Discord to talk about Jailbreak with us and one encouraging map suggestions. (per @Starlegendgod's suggestions) We'd also love to hear more suggestions on what chat advertisements you guys think would be useful.


- Protect the President plugin can now be enabled by CA+ at any time


For those of you who don't know, Protect the President used to be a very popular event on Jailbreak. The plugin randomly selects a CT to have boosted health and an indicator that they're the President, and if the Prisoners manage to kill the President, Guards automatically lose. It's a very fun way to change up the gameplay whenever things get stale. Previously, a server manager had to manually enable the plugin whenever an event was to be ran. However, thanks to @BoTo, CA+ can enable the plugin on the fly using /sgjb_vip_enable! The plugin will automatically disable after map switch in case they forget to turn it off, but it can be disabled using the exact same command over again.


CAs will be encouraged to run this event (albeit, sparingly) whenever they see fit to keep things interesting.






More exciting changes to come soon.

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- Roll the Dice plugin can now be enabled manually by CA+


Similar to what we did for our Protect the President plugin, thanks to @BoTo, CA+ can enable Roll the Dice at will and run the event whenever they see fit. They've been informed to, as usual, gauge interest, listen to the players online, etc. before enabling / keeping it enabled. We think this is another great change to keep things interesting and fresh on the server when things get stale.


- Notification for plugins being enabled goes to all players


Again, thanks to @BoTo and actually suggested by him, when Protect the President or Roll the Dice are enabled the notification will go to all players online as opposed to just the client enabling it. Just a small quality of life thing.


Now we have a few rule changes we're gonna introduce. I can't say for exactly how long these things have been in play, but they weren't a thing during my time here. I also can't say for sure that they'll necessarily be positive, but I have no doubt this will quickly become apparent and come to the managers' attention if it's negatively impacting gameplay. We'll assess on the fly and change things if need be.


From the FAQ:


Q- Are there ratio or first day freedays?

A- As explained in the rules, "Guards are NEVER required to give freedays". This includes if ratio is bad, or if its the first day.

New Answer: Freedays are never required, even if it's the first day or if the ratio is bad.


From the FAQ:



Q- Is no jumping implied when told to shift walk?

A- No. If Guards do not want Prisoners jumping, they must specify that.


New Answer: Yes. Being told to shift walk implies walking, not jumping or crouching.


From the FAQ:



Q- Are Guards allowed to give "Nazi Orders"?

A- Not necessarily. It's discouraged for Guards to be nitpicky about orders, but can be. However, Guards are not allowed to order the Prisoners to crouch walk or order the prisoners to be frozen for an extended period of time. An "extended period of time" can be classified as anything more than 45 seconds.


New Question: Are Guards allowed to be strict?

New Answer: While it's discouraged to be strict, Guards are allowed to be as strict as they want. In fact, sometimes it's necessary. However, we encourage Guards to be fun and creative with their orders.


From the Rules:



Guards CANNOT...


Order Prisoners to crouch walk. They also cannot keep the Prisoners frozen for an extended period of time. Read the FAQ Post below for more information.


Removed completely.


So, what all of this means for Guards moving forward:


- They can order prisoners to shift walk without specifying "no jumping".

- They can order prisoners to crouch walk to any given location.

- They can keep the prisoners frozen for as long as need be.


This is how it was for years, so I can't really imagine any situation where you can necessarily "abuse" any of this. Rebelling on our server is and has historically been incredibly easy and stripping the Guards of these tools was a mistake in my opinion. The most likely scenario: Prisoners will continue to run through Guards despite these buffs. However, if this did make a significant dent in the incredible edge Prisoners have, I wouldn't be upset. Most Jailbreak servers are insanely CT sided as opposed to T sided like ours. But the reality is that it won't. Anything we can do to possibly encourage people to play Guard is worth it though.. stay tuned for another thing to remedy that.




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