MiniGames Announcement - Course Timer is HERE!

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Hey peeps!


Thanks to @Liam Brown and his incredible codemaster420 skills, we are proud to announce that the MiniGames server now has a COURSE TIMER PLUGIN!


The timer plugin is currently enabled for all course maps. Thanks to @Pan32 and @Bread for configuring it with Liam and setting the actual start/endpoints.


The course timer automatically starts as soon as you begin the course map. You can view your speed/velocity while moving, use !top to check the top times for each map, and check your own time with !time. Maybe we'll see some competition for top times? ;)


As such, the server is officially now listed as

STEAMGAMERS.COM | MiniGames | Course Timer | Bunnyhop |

to get people interested!

If you have any questions feel free to let any of the AO/CA team know.


Head on over to to play!



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Does this mean that MG will finally get some love? Btw the speed from the plugin does not check out with cl_showpos speed and its completely useless.

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WOOO! Not that I will need it anyway, can't finish any maps :cry:. Regardless it is still nice to have!

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Why bunnyhop if there are no bhop maps on rotation o.o unless you mean like the auto-bhop that's enabled then I get it

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because bhop is enabled im guessing


Wow you two are some next level sherlock shit, congratulations

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