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Taser messages will no longer appear to all other players in chat. Instead, when a player is tased all players will see them glow the color of their role. The effect lasts for 5 seconds.


Items in the traitor and detective menus have once again been organized from least to most expensive.


Put missile speed back to 2000 u/s.





More changes are coming soon, so make sure you leave feedback on the threads from last changelog. Also just a reminder to report any bugs here so we can fix them as soon as possible.


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Made some adjustments to our karma values:


Innocent Innocent: -10 -> -15

Innocent v Detective: -20 -> -25

Innocent v Traitor: +10 -> +15


Detective v Innocent: -10 -> -15

Detective v Detective: -20 -> -40

Detective v Traitor: +10 -> +15


Traitor v Innocent: +5

Traitor v Detective: +5

Traitor v Traitor: -10 -> -25


We'll continue to evaluate the efficiency of our karma system and make adjustments as needed. Please continue to leave feedback on the karma revamp thread.




Added innocent menu:


Sprint - 250 credits

Healthshot - 250 credits

Armor - 250 credits


Innocents get 50 credits for each body they identify and 100 credits for killing a traitor

They lose 100 credits for killing an innocent and 500 credits for killing a detective.


Edited the following definition under Traitor baiting due to this addition:



- Mistyping traitor commands (!m, !menu, or !tvoice) in chat.





- Mistyping traitor commands (such as !tvoice) in chat.




Martyrdom is now fixed.

Silent AWP is now limited to one purchase.

Taser outline effect has been increased from 5 to 7 seconds.


Chat messages cleaned up to have more uniformity in color for non-keywords. [S-G] prefixed colors changed.


Logs now show damage again. Thanks @BoTo for the fix.

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We have one more change for you guys today and it's an exciting one!


Added haste rounds.


There is a 10% chance of any given round being a haste round. These rounds include the following:

  • Minimum requirement of 8 players.
  • Instead of the round lasting 5 minutes, for every non-traitor alive 10 seconds will be added to the initial start timer (example: 12 non-traitors = 120 seconds or 2 minutes).
  • 10 seconds are added to the clock every time a traitor kills an innocent or detective.
  • 30 seconds are removed from the clock every time an innocent or detective kills a traitor, or if a traitor kills their own traitor buddy.
  • As always, if the clock runs out the innocent/detective team wins.
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We've added Breach Charges to the Traitor menu for 100 credits. Stick them to walls and players with mouse1 and detonate with mouse2. They can be defused or picked up using 'E'. 


C4 has been removed.


Tripmines have had their price adjusted to 50 credits for 1 mine.


Karma punishments for bad actions have been increased.


Haste rounds have been adjusted to be more difficult for Traitors.

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Breach Charges are now 150 for 2


Haste mode now has a decreased starting time


Added perks for Elite and Premium Supporter:

Snake Minigame (!snake)

Tetris Minigame (!tetris)

Paint (!paint "message")

Glow (!glow)

Weapon (!stickers)

Scoreboard Icons (!icons)

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Radar is now 100 credits.


M4A1-S is now 200 credits.


Poison Smoke has been removed.


Map cooldown has been raised to 12.


Removed ttt_dtk_streets

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Replaced ttt_desperados_sg_v3 with ttt_desperados_sg_v4. Thanks @20 scrolls for the fixes.


Added the SG TF2 themed skins for the challenge weeks. You can find the skins here.


Added a more visible haste round notification at the top of the screen. Thanks @BoTo for making this edit.




Added an FAQ which addresses live-checks during haste rounds:



14) Can I call a live-check during a Haste Round?

  • You can not call live-checks during Haste Rounds.


Edited by Kieran

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Starting Karma has been reduced to 200.


Karma Bans have been increased to 6 hours at 50 karma to address the bug of players being able to reach negative karma without being banned.

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Removed the following rule under our Innocent and Detective rules:


On 6/6/2020 at 2:05 PM, Trazz said:
  • Do not kill solely based off location.


We've only removed the rule because it was poorly worded, caused confusion, and the goal of the rule is already covered under our definitions section. Please note that nothing rule-wise has changed, although this clarification may have changed how you or others have interpreted the rule. 


This rule was intended to stop players from calling KOSes on being in a certain location. For example, we don't want someone saying "KOS everyone in the yellow house" and then having everyone in that house get killed. Instead, you should always be designating KOSes by a name as identification, not a location. However, our definition of KOS actually covers this:


On 6/6/2020 at 2:05 PM, Trazz said:
  • KOS - Kill on Sight, called on anyone performing traitorous acts followed by their name. All roles are allowed to call and pursue KOSes.


So yeah, clearly the wording of the rule sucks and it is already covered. Therefore, we're getting rid of it.


Some people understandably took the rule as not being able to use location as a way to determine who is the traitor. This is untrue. Just like with sound, if you can confidently determine someone committed a traitorous act based off their location, you can kill and KOS them for it. Please be careful and only kill with certainty. If you're wrong, you can be punished. 


We're also reverting back to an old policy when it comes to KOSes with the addition of this new FAQ:


On 6/6/2020 at 2:06 PM, Trazz said:

15) Is calling someone a traitor a KOS?

  • No, you must explicitly state "KOS" and the player's name for it to be valid.


Stating someone is a traitor is no longer a valid KOS. This change should provide more consistency with the validity of KOSes. 


Let me know if you have any additional questions about this change. Gentoo will also be making a post later about KOSing to answer some questions we've been asked. 


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Removed ttt_innocentmotel_csgo_sgedit due to lag issues on the map.


Added ttt_minecraft_b5_csgo_v5_2. 



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A few map fixes for today (thanks @20 scrolls for the fixes).


Replaced ttt_desperados_sg_v4 with ttt_desperados_sg_v6 (fixed clipping, fps, and spawn issues).

Replaced ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v9 with ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10 (fixed T room doors being opened before round start).


In addition to those map fixes,


Added a plugin which resolved grenade issues when thrown onto unbreakable func_breakable entities. This should prevent grenades from infinitely getting stuck on certain surfaces and making obnoxiously loud noises. 


Edited by Kieran

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Revised our definition and FAQ sections in our rules to provide more clarification on what is considered association. Association is now defined as the following:


On 6/6/2020 at 2:05 PM, Trazz said:
Association - Identifying a player as a traitor based on their interactions/connections with another traitor who is actively committing a traitorous act.


The "known" traitor has to be committing a traitorous act for the suspected traitor to be killed off association. You can't kill someone for being with a KOSed player, because KOSes aren't really universal and cause issues.


The FAQ for association has also been updated for this definition, which you can find in the FAQ of our rules thread.


Added ttt_sg_zlounge.

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