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Detective Changes

  • Detective HP lowered to 110
  • Detective DNA Scanner price lowered to 150 
  • DNA Scanner uses lowered to 4 

Traitor Changes

  • Time before Jihad arms lowered to 10 seconds from 15 seconds


Added Maps

  • ttt_closequarters_spky_v2
  • ttt_deadfarm_sg
  • ttt_slender_sgfix_1 (Flashlight issue is fixed)
  • ttt_haunts_sg

Removed Maps

  • de_firing_range
  • ttt_sg_zlounge
  • ttt_dark_docks_hdr
  • ttt_salazar_castle_sg1

Added Models

  • Mummy
  • Sasterrorist
  • Mr. X
  • Zack
  • Harley Quinn
  • Penny Wise

Removed Star Wars Models



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Changes for all roles

Added Armor replenish to all buy menus

Added Healthshot replenish to all buy menus


Innocent changes

Added ammo refill

Added automatic credit gain at the start of the round; you will gain 25 credits over the span of 30 seconds


Traitor changes

Added flare gun ( a revolver that will burn bodies when you shoot them as if it were a matchbox)

Added Decoy TP for a week trial run


Detective changes

Added Decoy TP for a week trial run



shoutout @20 scrolls for making these plugins dude is my favorite jta 🥰



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12/11/2021 Christhmas Update :3


Added Models

New Christmas models: 













Jack Frost




Removed Models


Mr. X 



Added Maps 





Added Item

Decoy TP is now a permanent item.

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Posted (edited)




Minimum players to start a round from 3 to 2


Traitor Changes

Changed Tracer price from 100 to 50

Changed Breachcharge price from 150 to 100 


Innocent Changes

Changed Sprint price from 250 to 100


Detective changes

Changed Healthshot from 100 to 75


Removed Maps 





Added Maps 




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Added priority map pool. What this does is take 3 maps from a separate list of maps and always puts them in the map pool. This is to make up for the lack of nominations we've had lately and to decrease the chances at us playing a map they may not be liked from the mass majority on the server.



  • ttt_westwood2_sg1
  • ttt_the_backrooms_v2
  • ttt_stadium_hdr
  • ttt_skyscraper_2017_sg5
  • ttt_nipperhouse2_sg_hdr
  • ttt_minecraftcity_sgfix_v10
  • ttt_mcvillage_b3-c
  • ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside_v2_hdr
  • ttt_highschool_v1
  • ttt_community_pool_2017_v1_7
  • ttt_community_bowling_csgo_v3
  • ttt_closequarters_hdr
  • ttt_christmastown_v1
  • ttt_apehouse_modern

Note that this list is bound to change at any moment.



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Added maps: 

  • ttt_among_us_skeld_sgfinal

Just in time for both the hit game Among Us' popularity and the SteamGamers TTT server's prime time! 

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  • ttt_kaer_morhen_v1
  • ttt_breakthrough_v2

These were added earlier in the week but wanted to put it in the changelog.

Added Sub-Roles

  • Healer
  • Executioner
  • Vampire
  • Deputy 


Added Karma Rank System

  • 7 Ranks in total, please preview the post to see more details.


Rule Change:

  • T-Baiting is no longer allowed on the servers!


Post regarding all the changes can be found here!

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**Map Changes**

  • Disabled ttt_the_backrooms_v2 due to it being broken
  • Added ttt_cyberpass_v2_3 to rotation
  • Added ttt_mcpoppin_v1, but only for admins as the map is huge and will need at least 16 people one to play
  • Changed ttt_mario64_peachcastleoutside_v2_hdr with ttt_mario64_peachcastle_lamp_edit_1

**Model Changes**

  • Removing the following models:
    • Santa, Grinch, Natalie, Jack Frost, Sas Terrorist

**Quality of Life Changes**

  • Lowered the sound of the missile by 50% and (hopefully fixed the sound bug)
  • Increased the radius of the missile explosion from 600 to 650

Expect more changes coming in the near future. Some small Quality of Life changes and some big meta shifting changes. Maybe even a karma reset and contest. 


The TTT AO's want to hear from everyone on what they like and don't about the server. Whether it's maps you don't like or maps you would like to see come back. Maybe you don't like certain shop items or maybe you don't like certain roles. There will be a thread going up either today or tomorrow asking for feedback on different aspects of the server, but don't feel like you have to wait till that thread is out to give feedback. Reach out to @Valk@Charliere,  @Chad, or make a thread.

Oh also new models are coming really soon!

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**Role Changes**

  • Roles are now automatic.
  • You may or may not get a role at the start of the round aka it's random.
  • Use !role and !roles to opt out of getting a role.
  • God bless @BoTo

**Rule Changes**

  • We have removed the T-baiting rule.
  • While T-baiting is no longer punishable, you can still be killed for it.
  • However, if you are constantly T-baiting it can be considered Harassment (if unwanted) and at that point an admin can step in.
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