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Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide

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TTT Guide


Trouble in Terrorist Town is a custom game mode where there are three different roles to play, each having their own objectives in order to win:


Innocents - The Innocents have to survive until the end of the round, either by letting the round clock run out, or killing all of the Traitors.


Detectives - Detectives are confirmed Innocents that have the ability to purchase special items, in order to accomplish the same goal as Innocents; surviving. They also have the ability to see who killed a player. If the Detective hits the E key on a dead body, a red circle will appear around the killer. Any player can see who is a Detective because they have a blue colored skin.


Traitors - The Traitors must kill all of the Innocents and Detectives in order to win. They also possess the ability to purchase special items to help them kill the Innocents and Detectives.


!status - Shows your role at any point of the round.



Everyone starts with 1000 karma when they first join the server. You gain more karma as you kill your enemies and lose karma for killing your teammates. Your karma is shows as your score on the scoreboard. The amount of karma you gain/lose from killing someone depends on what your role is, and what your targets role was. Karma resets back to 1000 on map change.


The amount of karma you gain/lose per kill:


Innocent kills a:

Traitor: 20

Innocent: -40

Detective: -75


Detective kills a:

Traitor: 15

Innocent: -25



Traitor kills a:

Traitor: -30

Innocent: 5

Detective: 20



Once your karma gets below 800, the damage you deal to others will be reduced depending on how low it gets. Below 100 karma you deal practically no damage to others, so at this point it is best to contact an AT to reset your karma. To check your stats related to karma, use these commands:

!krank - Shows your rank in the karma leaderboard.

!kplace - Same as above

!ktop / !ktop10 - Shows the top 10 players with the highest karma.



How Do You Identify A Player’s Role?


You can identify your own role by looking at the top right corner of your screen:


I - Innocent


D - Detective


T - Traitor


A couple ways to know what role another player is:


1. A Detective purchases a taser from the Detective menu and tazes a player. Instead of killing the player, the taser tells what role the player is to the Detective that tazed him.


2. Pressing the E key on a dead, unidentified body. This process is called identifying or, “ID-ing” the body. This lets the server know that you found a dead player and what the role the player was.


How to tell if someone is a Traitor?


There are multiple ways you can tell someone is a Traitor. Some of them include:


-A player killing another/multiple player(s) and not identifying the body/bodies

-A player is shooting at proven innocents/detectives.

-A player purposely does not ID a body.

-A player has a golden knife.

-The detectives DNA scanner points them out.

-A player has a traitor weapon.

-You hear the jihad sound come from them.

-Process of elimination.

-A player pressing a button which allows them to enter a secret Traitor room:






Detectives and Traitors can purchase items with !menu/!m


-Detectives and Traitors both start with 1 credit when roles are assigned.


-Detectives can earn additional credits for every Traitor killed. This is shared among all detectives assigned. 1 Traitor killed = 1 Credit.


-Traitors can earn additional credits for every (3) innocents killed, or every detective killed. Their credits are not shared among each other.


-!credits - Shows how many credits you have

Detective Items


Taser - Tells the Detective what role the person being tazed is.


Health Station - Spawns a health station that allows surrounding players to recover health up to 100 HP. As more people use the health station, it will need time to recharge, in order to start healing players again. The station can be destroyed by damaging it (Shooting, Knifing, ETC) so that other players can’t use it.


Radar - Every 30 seconds, it shows the locations of all the players on the map, depending on how far you are from those players.


Kevlar - Gives 100 armor to the Detective


M4A1-S - Gives Detective another M4A1-S with full ammo.


USP-S - Give Detective USP-S with full ammo.


Traitor Items


Kevlar - Gives 100 armor to the Traitor


AWP - Gives the Traitor an AWP. This is a Traitor weapon, so it is a KOSable item if not called out.


C4 - Drops a C4 bomb that can be set to explode at different time. It can defused with the correct wire number. In order to defuse the bomb, press the R key, and select the wire. You can obtain the correct wire number by killing and identifying the Traitor who spawned the bomb’s body.

Jihad Bomb - Equips the Traitor with a suicide bomb. After 60 seconds, the bomb will be armed and ready for use. To detonate it, press the inspect key twice. If the Traitor is killed while trying to detonate the bomb, it will not explode. Other players can know when the Traitor is trying to jihad because he lets out a screaming sound when he activates it.


1-Hit Knife - A golden knife that will kill a player instantly with either a left or right click.


Radar - Every 30 seconds, it shows the locations of all the players on the map, depending on how far you are from those players.

M4A1-S - Gives the Traitor an M4A1-S. Only Detectives have access to this weapon, so it looks suspicious if a Non-Detective has an M4A1-S.


USP-S - Gives the Traitor a silenced pistol. This isn't considered a T weapon since some maps have already spawned in USP-S, but if not, this looks suspicious.


Tripmines - Gives the Traitor 3 tripmines that, if stepped on, blow up. These tripmines are placed on walls by typing !mine into the chat. It takes a few seconds for the mine to arm. A laser beam can be seen by all players that shows where the tripmine is. In order to defuse it, press E on it. It is important to let your T buddies know via T-chat (typing in team chat) where you are going to place the mine so they do not get killed.


Matchbox - A purchase of this item gives you 3 matchboxes that allow the Traitor to set 1 unidentified dead body on fire so that it disappears from the game. It takes a couple seconds for the body to fully disappear and you get 3 uses of it.


Teleporter - Allows the Traitor to teleport to a saved location. Press F3 to save a location, and again when you want to be teleported there.


Health Shot - Allows the Traitor to heal themselves for 50 HP. This is a traitor item and can be kos'd if seen with and can only be purchased once per T round.




Please refer to the Rule & FAQ for any questions regarding what's allowed and what isn't.

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