2017 1v1 Tournament: Sign-Up & Bracket

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Official Sign-Up Thread




Hello Steam-Gamers!


Summer 2017 is coming to a close, but there's still enough time to squeeze in SG's second ever 1v1 Tournament!








Anyone can signup to participate in the tourney and be entered into a bracket via this thread, all it takes is a post/reply stating that you're interested. The signup deadline will be 1 days prior to the event start date. Participants can expect the official bracket to be posted the day after the signup deadline.


We will all meet up on Teamspeak leading up to to the event's start time. Once we begin, players from the first bracket group will join the server to go head-to-head until there is a winner (for details on how to win, please see below). The next bracket group will then join the server to play out their match. This process will rinse and repeat until all groups have played to complete round 1 of the bracket, and then for all rounds that follow until a player is crowned the tournament champion!


This will be a single-elimination tournament, with shuffled seeds, until the top 8. In the top 8 we will have a double elimination where the seeds will be shuffled again. Prizes (if any) will be determined at a later date.







By signing up for this tournament, you agree to be available at the event start date/time and remain available until the event has concluded (unless you've been eliminated), which can take up to several hours. If you are or become unavailable during this time frame, you can be disqualified from the tournament.


Standard server rules still apply, any player caught breaking rule(s) will be disqualified.















Saturday, August 19th


12PM Eastern Time

11AM Central Time

9AM Pacific Time

5PM United Kingdom

6PM Netherlands







Round 1

Map: de_westwood

Game Type: Pistols

Guns: R8

Win Condition: First to 10 kills


Round 2

Map: am_jumpjump

Game Type: Scoutknivez

Guns: Scouts and Knives

Win Condition: First to 10 rounds wins


Round 3 and Beyond

Map: aim_map

Game Type: Normal aim

Guns: AK-47/M4A4/AWP

Win Condition: First to 10 kills






Thanks at @Wawa for helping run the event and @Post for the art. Let the gaming begin, gamers!





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Summer 2016 is upon us, and there's still enough time to squeeze in SG's first ever 1v1 Tournament!



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Nice copy and paste.


Shh... nothing happened

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Although it is the day before school starts, I do think I will have the time to play. Sign me up for a loss!

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I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to make this. It's the day after I come back, however I believe I have a football game at around 6/7.


Best of luck everyone and thanks for the event Lamp!

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im ready to lose immediately


sign me up


Edit: Work on Saturdays so scratch me off the list.

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