Admins vs Members v4

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Where will this event be held?


The CS:GO Minigames Server is located at,



When will this event start?


Saturday May 26th, 2018


5:30 PM EST

4:30 PM CST

2:30 PM PST

10:30 PM UK


Who can join this event?


Anyone can join, but its first come first serve, all I need from you guys is to sign up.


How will this event work?


Well it's simple really, teams of 16 vs 16 will be setup, and maps will be chosen from nominations/admins and all you MG nubs need to do is to have fun (at losing against us admins).



Remember, this is meant to be a fun event with a little bit of competition. I hope to see you guys out there!!!


The server will be password protected for the duration of the event, so expect a PM from me before the event starts.



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Admin Team

1. Kyle

2. Charliere

3. Rhyzhe

4. Fel

5. Im Sad

6. Karma

7. WillofCamelot

8. Mar 1

9. DancingMoonLight

10. Diryathing

11. Drakanen

12. Cept for Her

13. Wavy

14. Reid99

15. Great White Cookie Shark

16. Montag/Dienstag








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Players Team

1. Senpai

2. deluxeJESUS

3. PikaJew

4. Xstrikerkiller

5. Banda

6. Strayyz

7. Bernard™

8. Nate S

9. Lawool

10. lMoxwu

11. Nesquik

12. Gentoo

13. Beep

14. Edmund

15. Belpert

16. Pred



1. Doc



4. Penthor

5. Virtuous

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Im always down 4 some mg, im afraid my global elite skills will be too much for all you complete noobs, but ill give you a chance and sign up

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Can you put me in as a sub, I dunno if I'll be able to have access at that time. So tentatively, I'd love to join

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