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Retakes Changelog

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All updates to the server will be posted here.




  • Initial release

Edited by Manny

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- Players now AFK for 20 seconds into the round will be moved to spectator.


We hope that with this change we can keep the server flowing with players whenever some people might go AFK.


- Disabled the Retakes Hud.


After repetitive reports of random fps loss throughout the entire server, I hope that through disabling this then the issue will go away. If the issue is persistent please report it here:

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We've decided to change how the point system on the server works, here are the following changes.


- No points for any individual for defusing or planting the bomb.


- 4 Points gain for each respective team member for winning the round.


- 4 Points loss for each respective team member for losing the round.


- Disabled all points gain for defusing or letting the bomb explode.

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- Added !raffle and !store to the server.


While you won't be able to put any cosmetics on you, will now be able to earn raffle points and store credits!


- Replaced the former mapchooser plugin with Ultimate Map Chooser.


The former plugin was constantly breaking and ended up ruining the flow of retakes. There should be no extraordinary visible changes to the general public, however, the votes should actually go through at the end of the map and switch to the voted map. If, for some reason, the map still doesn't switch after rtving or a regular map end vote, please remember to report the issue here.



Stay tuned for more to come! :usa2:

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- Enabled sv_prime_accounts_only.


This is subject to change but for now, we feel that this is the best step to ensure a fair and semi-competitive environment.

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- Added a Damage Print plugin.


This will print the damage done to each player and how much hp they have at the end of the round into the chat.


- Added new guns and redefined the !guns menu.



- New SMGs: UMP-45, PP-Bizon, P90, MP7, MP5-SD, Mac-10.

- New Shotguns: Nova, XM1014, Sawed-Off

- Fixed pistols staying for each loadout. The pistol you choose for Pistol Rounds will stay for Pistol Rounds and the pistol you choose for Full Buys will stay for Full Buys. Soon to come for the AWP loadout as well.




Credits to @Cept For Her for all that work.


- Changed 5 pistol rounds to 3.


- CTs & Ts that lose round will now lose a collective of 3 points instead of 4. Winning a round still earns you 4 points.

Edited by Manny

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- Reverted the number of pistol rounds back to 5.


- Switch from max rounds of 30 to a timelimit of 20 minutes per map.


This is subject to change back but for now, this change is staying due to the Map Chooser plugin not functioning properly. Previously once a map was voted for it may have or may not have switched maps but with this change everything should be smooth. If the problem does happen again please do report to me or another AT either personally or in the bug report thread.


- Introduced Scouts.


Some may have noticed already but we know fully released scouts into the weapons plugin. You can find the option to enable it under the "Sniper loadout" menu section. It will work on par as the AWP. We felt that was the best way to implement it into the gamemode, however, feel free to voice your opinions on how to implement it and we'll take it into consideration.

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- Added teammate Molotov sound.


When a teammate stands in another ones molly, the same tick sound that happens when you stand in your own or other persons molly will occur when a teammate stands in your molly. Now there will be a deterrence towards teammates standing in each other mollies and allows the other team to hear an oncoming enemy.


- Added preview of currently selected weapon.



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16 October 2019


  • Fixed USP/P2000 bug (Players will now receive the selected weapon instead of the weapon selected for their in-game loadout)
  • Added /tm.
    - Spectators can now mute both teams as they wait for a spot to open.
  • Players will no longer receive armor on pistol round unless they have the default pistol (Glock-18, USP-S, P2000)
  • Players are now able to receive defuse kits as a CT on pistol round

- Selecting a Desert Eagle, Revolver, CZ75, or Five-SeveN will give no armor nor kit

- Selecting a P250, or Dual Berettas will give a defuse kit

- Selecting a USP-S, or P2000 will give a menu allowing the player to select a defuse kit or armor (Menu seen below)



Edited by Cept For Her

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18 October 2019


  • Changed the way in which the weapons plugin saves client data

    - If you notice any issues with this new system, please report them using the Bug Report Thread
    >Click Here

    Special Thanks to @IntenseFajita for staying up and helping me with this one ^^^

  • AWPs and Scouts are now T-side and CT-side specific choices

- This means that when you choose to receive AWPs and/or Scouts on CT, you will not also receive them on T unless you choose to do so, and vice versa

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25 October 2019


  • Added a possible fix for instadefuse breaking
    - The plugin will now check if you are on the ground before letting you start defusing

    - If you find the plugin breaking, please report it here-->
    Retakes Bug & Error Reports

  • Added sub/vip chat perks
  • Added scout/awp specific pistols
    - Pistols chosen for scouts/awps will only be for scouts on the team they are chosen

  • Added Loadouts to the guns menu



Edited by Cept For Her

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22 November 2019


  • Noscopes will now give an extra point per kill if done with an awp or scout
  • Fixed instadefuse plugin

    - Plugin will now end the round if you have enough time left and there are no Ts instead of forcing a defuse


  • Added chatrank tags based upon your rankme ranking

    - Chat tags will be displayed before your name in chat whenever you type

    - Your tag will be based upon your current ranking on the server

    shows a list of chatranks, and the ranks they correspond to as seen below




Global Elite - Ranks 1-10


Legendary Eagle - Ranks 11-25


Master Guardian - Ranks 26-50


Gold Nova - Ranks 51-100


Silver - Ranks 101-200


Noob - Ranks 201+



The names of these chattags and ranks required for them is subject to change, and can be discussed via the thread found here


Edited by Cept For Her

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27 November 2019


  • Changed insta-defuse plugins to resolve issues with CT wins not displaying properly
  • Players will now receive 1 additional point for every 2000 points of difference their score and enemy's

    - This only works for the players whose points are lower, higher ranked players will not receive more points


  • Added Inactive Point Decay has been to the server, users inactive for 3+ days will lose 20 points every day

    - Points will begin to be lost after 3 days of inactivity on the server

    - Each day, after the initial 3 days, users will lose points

    - 20 points will be deducted from a player's overall score each time

    - Players will not drop below 1000 points due to point decay


  • !crtoggle or sm_crtoggle will now allow users to enable/disable their own chatrank from displaying
  • Chatranks will now display as one singular color

    - Instead of white brackets, the brackets will be the same color as the rank's color


  • Rank thresholds have been changed to be more spread out (seen below)




Global Elite - Ranks 1-15


Legendary Eagle - Ranks 16-50


Master Guardian - Ranks 51-100


Gold Nova - Ranks 101-250


Silver - Ranks 251-500


Noob - Ranks 501+


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11 December 2019


  • Fixed Chat Tags displaying improper ranks for some users

    - Resolved the issue with chat tags appearing as high ranks for new/unranked players


  • Added Retakes-Hud Plugin

    - Cyan text will appear on round start directing players to the correct bombsite

    - The hud will not display for Terrorists, CTs only


  • Added Matchmaking Ranks to the scoreboard

    - Ranks Silver 1 through Global Elite will be displayed based upon your rankme rank

    - We will be looking to expand the current chat tags to match these ranks in the future

    will display a menu detailing the ranks needed for each mm rank


  • Added Extended Death Information

    - Advanced info will be displayed in the kill-feed (screenshot below)



Edited by Cept For Her

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22 December 2019


This is a bit late to the party but I just want to log it (Probably actually implemented somewhere around the 11th)


  • Rank up/down notifications for matchmaking ranks will now appear as a message instead of an overlay
  • Matchmaking ranks and Chat Tags are now properly lined up

    - Ranks Silver 1 - Global Elite are now achievable, thresholds seen below

    - Chat Tags have been shortened to letters/numbers ie. [s1] - [GE]




Global Elite - Ranks 1-15


Supreme Master First Class - Ranks 16-30


Legendary Eagle Master - Ranks 31-50


Legendary Eagle - Ranks 51-75


Distinguished Master Guardian - Ranks 76-105


Master Guardian Elite - Ranks 106-140


Master Guardian II - Ranks 141-180


Master Guardian I - Ranks 181-225


Gold Nova Master- Ranks 226-275


Gold Nova III- Ranks 276-330


Gold Nova II- Ranks 331-390


Gold Nova I- Ranks 391-455


Silver Elite Master- Ranks 456-525


Silver Elite- Ranks 526-600


Silver IV- Ranks 601-680


Silver III- Ranks 681-765


Silver II- Ranks 766-855


Silver I- Ranks 856-950


Unranked- Ranks 951+


Edited by Cept For Her

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30 January 2020


  • Added SMAC to catch all those pesky cheaters on the server

    - Because nobody wants to play with HAXORs

    - Any automatic bans made by SMAC can be appealed through the normal procedures


  • Increased player slots to 13 to account for the TV bot now on the server

    - This makes the total slots of the server 13 + 2 reserved slots - 1 bot slot = 14

Edited by Cept For Her

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1 January 2020


  • Updated spawns on de_mirage

    - Added bomb plant behind and in front of triple, as well as general CT/T spawn tweaks

    - Most notably is the addition of a CT spawn by T spawn for retaking A site


  • Updated spawns on de_cache

    - Removed default bomb plant on A site, as well as general T/CT spawn tweaks

    - Most notable change for cache is the pushing back of some CT spawns for better timing


  • Updated spawns on de_vertigo

    - No changes to bomb plants, most changes were made to CT spawns, with a few T spawns pushed back on B site

    - Most notable spawn changes is the removal of toilets spawn, and moving CT spawns forward to allow for better timing



Please submit spawn suggestions(Removals/Additions) via this thread:


Maps to be done in the future: de_overpass, de_dust2, de_inferno, de_train


Shoutout to all the CAs(Poke, Phoenix, Takuto, CrazedKangaroo) and Trazz for helping out!

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17 February 2019


  • Added Server Auto-Restart

    - This should help to alleviate some bugs/issues that occur from the server being online too long

    - The server will attempt to restart between

    - The server will only restart if there is
    2 or less players

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19 February 2020


  • Reset rankme score to 1000 points for everyone

    - A recent technical glitch wiped everyone's score from the rankme database

    - Due to this glitch, we were forced to reset points, sorry for any inconveniences

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23 March 2020


  • Disabled Extended Death Information

    - Plugin was crashing the server due to fuckups on valve's part with gamedata updates. Will look to revisit this plugin once we figure out how to fix the issue


24 March 2020


  • Disabled Retakes Bombsite Hud

    - Due to recent complaints with lag spikes client side, Im disabling this plugin as in the past it was causing issues, so we are looking to see if this is still the case

Edited by Cept For Her

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8 May 2020


  • Re-Added de_vertigo to the map pool

    - Spawns were fixed and edited per splewis's most recent cfg release of the new vertigo spawns


  • Adjusted spawns for de_dust2

    - Removed some stupid spawns that were out in the open and moved some spawns closer to the site


  • Optimized the weapon-allocater plugin

    - Plugin should now cause less lag and properly save weapons


  • Limited grenades for the Terrorists

    - Terrorists will now receive a maximum of 1 smoke and 1 molotov per round


  • Re-Added dynamic-hostname to the server

    - The hostname for the server will now display [x CT:x T] at the end of the name in the server browser


  • Re-Added Extended Death Information :pepega:

    - Thanks to our AWESOME and GENIUS Administrative Manager Cept For Her, we have fixed and re-added the extended death information in the kill feed!

Edited by Cept For Her

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A few spawn adjustments for today.


A Site
- Added CT ladder room spawn
B Site
- Pushed T spawn near arches back closer to the bombsite

- Made CT cat spawns more aggressive

- Made CT spawns outside of market more aggressive

These changes were made to help CTs combat T aggression in jungle, cat, and market.


B Site

- Added CT spawn inside of church

- Moved T spawn near church closer towards site
- Added a more aggressive CT speedway spawn
- Added a T spawn at sandbags

These changes were made to provide a more realistic retake scenario on B site, where CTs have more control over church/CT and Ts have better control over banana. 

Edited by Kieran

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