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Retakes Changelog

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Achievements plugin "introduced" and reset.


This plugin has actually been functioning on the server for a while now but was never documented in the changelog. The plugin currently only has weapon-specific achievement tiers, but I plan on adding more in the near future. You can access the achievements menu by typing !ac in chat.


The existing stats for all achievements have been reset.

Edited by Kieran

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Changed server name from








Now you should be able to fully see the T and CT counter in the server name that @Cept For Her added a while ago.

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Adjusted retakes ratio constant so when there are 8 players playing, it will be a 5v3 in favor of CTs instead of a 4v4.

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Added Deadtalk plugin. This plugin allows for players to toggle deadtalk on and off.


If a player has deadtalk enabled, when they die, they'll have 5 seconds to talk to their alive teammates in order to give callouts. After 5 seconds deadtalk will activate. The player will no longer be able to talk to their alive teammates (but still can hear them) and can talk to all dead players.


If a player has deadtalk disabled, they'll only be able to talk to their teammates.


To enable/disable deadtalk, type !dt or !deadt in chat followed by a 1 or 0. 1 will enable deadtalk, and 0 will disable it.


To view your current deadtalk setting, you can either type just !dt or !deadtalk in chat.




Removed CT church spawn on de_inferno for site B. It was too broken.



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