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Sign-Up Thread


This is going to be a 5v5 in Rainbow Six Siege Tournament. Anyone can create a team, and each team should have 5 people with the maximum of 3 subs. Teams should have a team captain, team name and all teams should be decided with all the members set by the time signups close. Signups will close on February 19th, 2020. For the event please no racism.


1. The Basterds - @patrick @Chad. @the baconator @Steven Universe @Atrix

2. Hon Dipo eSports - @eXtr3m3 @nick @roux @John @Alex @Sidearmsavage @Ned @Zayne

3. Realones - @Strayyz @Cody. @Manny @Dong @nesquik @Duffy @Casual @Phoenix_

4.Swole Patrol - @Wavy @AgileCripple @JoCoBe @Brian @Hellobby

5.The Best Zombie Escapers @Bright @Diggity @Con @AZNNNN @Matty @Lawliet @PHNX

6.F-R-I-E-N-D-S @Mikey @kennyy @rrayray @UnknownMystic @Beep @Soul

7.Fakeones @BoA @Drew4p @toq @davidv5 @Neat-_ @Inveal @Lawool @EvilEye

8.Ass Eaters @Vader @Chainedlord @Racerboi @Gooner @dream.drop

9.Nesquik's mom is hot @ThRza @crazedkangaroo @Creten @Infinityward @Nugget @Kopsta

10.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH @Hypno @Alex @toach @L_ky @WUMBO @AfterPot @conan

11.Oofer Gang @Jmcdon7 @evrot @TheZZL @Legendary Kano @cmohr


Free Agents

Be sure to join the events steam group


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Ill be a free agent for now, but uh do they need a forums account to play?


yes, they need a forum account

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I'll be a free agent

Edit: @Takuto is not playing

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Assuming there's still room I'll sign up as a free agent. Haven't played in awhile so I'm a little rusty but I can probably get back into shape before it starts. 1.4k hours btw

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i would like to be a free agent if theres a spot



also have not played in a month or 2 but i still think i got it i just need a warm up maybe



also when is the event??



i guess its going to decided after the sign ups are closed?

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