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The Don

Club Penguin Rewritten

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Club Penguin was a very fun game. Sadly club penguin shut down as of March 2017 because the owners (Disney) couldn’t afford to keep it up and it wasn’t supposed to be as long term as it was. This is kind’ve BS since Disney has a boatload if money but it’s fine. Anyways club penguin was a fun game where you could buy and get virtual items for your penguin and you can meet others online.

The game was really bland in 2006 but it soon skyrocketed to become what we knew and loved. I had my first account made for me at the age of 1. (Obviously my parents made it). My sister also had an account so we would play together. It was entertaining the second I knew what was actually going on. Anyhow, that isn’t my main point. My point is you can make a penguin, make it any color, choose its clothes, and play games inside of club penguin itself. The game was also fun because you could buy limited time clothing items or stuff that appeared once a month and then never came back or the other fun part was finding secret stuff and the events. You could also buy the virtual pets they had called puffles. This taught you to feed and take care of them because they were your responsibility. If you didn’t do that you would get a piece of mail saying the ran away into the forest. This game got so big they had stuff In the Disney stores for it. It was really fun for it’s time and I wish the actual one never shut down. If you do wish to play this game again make sure to check out Club Penguin Rewritten. It’s just a revived version of club penguin and has all of the same features and it will have all the events that the actual game had. It is not made by Disney so make an account at your own risk although I have had an account since 2017 and nothing malicious has ever happened to my email or anything of that sort so you’ll be fine. It’s not a virus and when your bored in class it’s always unblocked since many people don’t play it anymore. Hope you guys decide to check it out if you have never played it before. By the way it is kid friendly so if you swear you’ll get banned almost instantly.

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