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Discord Changelog

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The server came out a very long time ago and a million and one things have changed since, but from now on we'll log changes here.

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- Restricted overflow access to capped channels to IA+


- Fixed Veterans being able to join voice channels under "General Chat"


- Fixed being able to see voice channels for other games without the role


- Added new server invite background and banner (thank you @nesquik)


- Created #server-list and moved list of servers there


- Edited #rules-and-info to include links to all of our socials


- Added private voice channels. (thank you @Benzene, @Mikey, @Bacon) People allowed to create them are Subs, VIPs and Nitro Boosters. To create one, just join the "Join To Create" channel under the category and you'll instantly have one. The commands for the bot should be used in #pc-commands and are as follows:


.voice lock - locks your channel


.voice unlock - unlocks your channel


.voice name (name) - rename your channel


.voice limit (number) - limits how many people can join


.voice permit (@user) - permits a user to join your channel


.voice reject (@user) - kicks the person from your channel and blocks them from joining


.voice claim - lets you claim ownership of the channel if the owner leaves



More to come.

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- Our server is now a community server.


- Converted the announcement and events channel into actual announcement channels. Make sure to follow them both!


- Added the Autajja bot. It will automatically ban people who mass mention.

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16 September 2020


  • Redid Reaction Roles/Server Assignment (now found in #role-selection at the top of the discord)
  • Spoiler



  • Added more game roles to assign yourself
  • Added TF2 servers to server assignment roles
  • Added a new Events role (choose this if you wish to be pinged for events)


  • Created game channels for every game role selectable
  • Redirected game updates into each game specific channel (except for FiveM and Tarkov(#BlameTheDevs))


  • Nuked server channels 



  • Added new #server-announcements channel for all server-related things to go into
  • Moved #server-list to the top of the discord
  • Added Player Complaint and Bug Report tickets in #tickets at the top of the discord
  • Reordered channels and categories to better emphasize the use of text channels


special thanks to @Noxstarfor his help

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25 September 2020


Role Selection Changes

  • Added Squad to game selection in #role-selection
  • Added Fallujah under Squad Servers in #role-selection
  • Re-organized server role selection in #role-selection to be separated by games

Information Channel Changes

  • Removed #server-list and #faq in the [Information] section at the top of the discord
  • Created #information channel hosting info related to FAQs, Connections, Servers, Roles, and Receiving Ranks
  • Renamed #rules-and-info to #rules due to the change listed above


Screenshots of #information channel









credit to @Noxstarfor helping with formatting, and @thuxysfor the awesome banners!

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