Competition Trouble in the Wild West - Karma Contest

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Special thanks to @thuxys for the banner!



Trouble in the Wild West!


As requested and as promised we are bringing you guys an uncapped Karma Contest! Screenshots as entries will not be needed but we do require for winners to have a forums account. Karma will be reset on July 6th so no one has a head start.


Welcome to this month's Karma Contest, Trouble in the Wild West! Players will be able to enjoy limited timed event models! The prizes this karma contest is the best we have had.



July 6th - August 6th







1st Place: cNZWJpO.png + 2 months of VIP, 5000 credits and a personal model! Models will not be custom made. Look for ones that are already ported to CSGO.


2nd Place: ZTIgiPb.png + 1 month of VIP and 3000 credits.


3rd Place: DxNst2l.png + 1 month of Subscriber and 1000 credits.




VIP Skins

Woody - 5k Credits






Xeno Lurker - 5k Credits






Subscriber Skins

Mc Cree - 5k Credits






Xeno Boiler - 5k Credits





Public Skin

Xeno Soldier - 5k Credits






Models are not permanent, they are only here for the event.



Thanks to @Mikey. for making the prizes happen!

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To bad I just started working again. I'll slip you a 20 for a personal skin tho

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woah, a pesonal skin sounds super intresting, sad I dont have the same drive to play TTT for that long though so good luck to everyone and if you do win, get the most anime model you could find, that would be hilarious.

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