MG Community Meeting

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MG Community Meeting!


Date/Time: Saturday 7/18 @ 3:00 PM EST

Where: SG Discord -> http://discord.gg/steamgamers


The long overdue MG Community Meeting is finally here! Much has changed and we would like to know the thoughts of the players and how we could improve the server further. The meeting will start of following the agenda found below and then open up for a Q&A Open Floor. All suggestions and questions are welcome




Course Timer

Course Ranks

Gun Game

Autohop vs. Scrollhop





Hope to see you all there!

@Noxstar has stepped down from Minigames. I'd like to personally thank him for all his good work.

Feel free to message me if you have more things for the Agenda or need more information.

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I work...

@Damon please reschedule. Dong has just informed me that he will literally kill himself if you don't....

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Reschedule again? Not sure this meeting has to be sooner then later. I could try have it recorded for people who can't attend.

Dong you better stay alive xD

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Reminder, meeting is tomorrow! Don't miss it.

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