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The point system basically rewards being bad rn. You can get killed many times then finally get one kill and steal upwards of 10 points from someone for multiple kills straight. . Maybe change it so you always get the same amount of points for a kill and it does not change based off how many points the guy who killed you lost.

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I think the current point system is fine. You get points for killing someone (plus a lil extra for hs, wallbang and more), and they lose the amount of points their killer got. The reason you're losing so many points is because u gain more points for killing someone who has more points than u. If you have 1400 points and die to someone with 1000 from a knife, u can lose like 10 points but only get 4 if u were to knife them. I believe it rewards those in a lower rank because it is supposed to be harder to kill someone in a higher rank.

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I actually do think this might need to be changed. Because after all some multigames you will die even if you are a good player from losing a bhop race or something else. This could lead to high rank players not playing these types of maps, since they might lose a lot of points. Same with Gungame I've heard complaints about that one as well.

I will take a look at the plugin and see what can be changed.

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