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thanks to @thuxys for the banner

Welcome to the 8th Steam-Gamers story time contest!

For those of you who don't know how this works, you will be given one or more themes and based off of that theme each person writes a creative, well thought out story for the judges. Normally, there would be three winners, all decided by the judges, but this time we're going to run it a little differently. There will be only two winners, one decided by the judges, and the other decided by the public. A poll will be put up after the deadline for the public to choose their winner, and then the judges will decide theirs.

And just a reminder that you don't have to be a novelist or writer to make a good story, just use your imagination and have fun with it.


Quarantine, Pandemics, and Summer!


1. Your story must have to do with at least one of the themes.

2.You must create a title for your story.

3. Your story must be a minimum of 200 words *not including the title*.

4. Follow the forum rules.

5. Be creative, use your imagination, and have lots of fun!

Any story that does not follow the rules will be automatically disqualified!


Public's Favorite: Choice of Staxel or Battle Chef Brigade + Forum Award

Judge's Favorite: The other game + Forum Award


September 13th


The Judges will be myself, @Dom, and @Acer

Good luck to everyone and have fun!



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Took me a while to complete and finally flesh out the concept but here it is! My story about a classic zombie outbreak but with a theme derived directly from the SCP Foundation. Thank god they encourage community spinoff creation otherwise I’d have to make a much worse story. Enjoy!



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you wanted a masterpiece so I shall deliever


Virtual Reality


He opens his eyes in his dusty home. He lives in a terrible environment. It’s windy and hellish. However, a couple hundred miles away is wealthy, luscious, and heavenly place to live. This heaven is the Kepler planets. On these planets having Bill Gates money is nothing. It's happy there. Only respected people get to live there if they're lucky enough. The hellish place is called Earth, the planet where the human race originated. This planet is where hundreds of thousands humans die every year from starvation. Earth is not a place where you want to be. The surroundings are horrendous. If you gave 20 dollars to a random person on Earth, they would be rich. On Earth, the land is barren, it has evolved into a yellow planet. The sky is made of sand, and many people’s eyes get stung                      every single day. It burns them.  


He gets off his bed and looks around. The houses on Earth are atrocious. A person could break down these houses with couple of punches. The wood is terrible because there are so few trees left. They wish that their houses could hold against bullets. Sadly, it fails terribly at this task. This is why hundreds of thousands of people die every couple years. Where do the bullets come from? On the heavenly Kepler planets, there are dictators. These dictators are very rich; some are able to buy Kepler planets. BUY PLANETS! Because they are dictators they can do anything, they are unstoppable kings. For their entertainment they come to Earth in spacecrafts. Soldiers come down on earth and treat it like they own everything, even the people, so they kill them. During these attacks, people scream and yell. The blood is constant. It squirts everywhere. For Earth, this is hell at its harshest levels. Why do the dictators do this? Because they can. There are  many dictators but one important and probably the most important one of all is Smike. 


Smike is the richest dictator and also the most influential dictator. He once blasted 2,000 people into space in a rocket ship. When it was in space it blew up. It had a blast radius of a nuke, instantly killing everybody aboard. Why did he do this? Because he wanted fireworks. He is a dictator so nobody can even dare to reject any of his ideas or else they get killed in the most painful way possible. He is the main person who goes down to Earth and kills people for entertainment.


Even though it might seem like living on Earth is a hellish life, and living on the Kepler planets is like living in heaven, there is a third and probably the most risky way to live. On Earth there is a company named Virtual Reality. Earth is a horrible place to live, so Virtual takes care of this problem. With Virtual, the company deletes your entire life that you’ve lived, delete it all. It then replaces it with a fake life. This tricks the brain well enough that you think you lived a fake life. How they do this is unknown. From there on, you get implanted in a virtual world. In this world you live like you are one of the dictators. It’s peaceful, with no problems. It’s just plain perfect. However there is a catch to this. You live three times shorter in the virtual world than you would have lived in your real life. For instance, if you were 60 in the real world, in the fake world you would life for 20 years.


“Hi honey!” Kevin’s wife said near the wooden door with a cup of disgusting stuff the people on Earth called coffee.

“Hey,” Kevin sighed as he layed in his uncomfortable bed. His sleeping pants were made of wood to keep it together. However those were the best clothes they had. Kevin sighed again.

“What’s wrong?” Martha said. Kevin’s wife.

“Honey. I feel like I live in a cage burning in Hell. I want to escape this suffering. I want to run free. I had enough seeing my loved family members die because of the dictator’s laughter. It’s unfair.”

“We can’t do anything about. I want to break free too. Instead I just scream and suffer. You have to accept it.” replied Martha.

“You know that one place where you told me not to go called Virtual Reality.” said Kevin

“Yeah,” Martha said.

“I think I-” Kevin was suddenly cut off.

“No! No! No!No! No! No! No! No! “ Martha yelled. “You would forget who you are. You wouldn’t know who I am. And And!” She couldn’t finish her sentence and instead just hugged Kevin in their terrible home. She knew that going to the Virtual Reality place is the only Kevin could be free. She knew that she had to let him go. 

“Don't worry, I will always remember you. I’ll always love you.” Kevin hugged her back.

“I love you too,” said Martha.


Kevin put on his ripped coat his ripped pants onto himself and got out of his crappy house. The land he was walking on was all sand and desert. All of it. He walked couple of miles because on Earth there was no gas left and no transportation system. Even all the wifi is down. The only way of communicating on Earth is by physically walking to a person and chat with them. Kevin spent all day walking to the Virtual Reality place. He saw the place about when sunset was almost over.


The door bell ringed as Kevin opened the door and saw the mistress.

“Hello sir what would satisfy your night.” said the mistress.

“Hello my name is Kevin and I want a replenaation of my life. From there I want your workers to hook me up to a computer and implant me into a virtual world where I am a multi billionaire worker. Like as if I wasdictator.” Kevin said.

“Thank you very much sir. Would you like that we put a safe protocol where if you wake up from your virtual world that you would remember you life in reality. 

“Kevin thought about this for a long time. He remember his wife at home crying and begging him to stay

“Sure,” Kevin said knowing that it might fuzz up his virtual dream world. 

“Thank you sir! These men will show you where your chair is right away,” said the mistress as three men with black tuxedos approached Kevin. 

“Right this way sir,” one of the three men said. Kevin and these three men walked down a large dark hallway. Kevin was feeling a bit of regret for going to this place.


“Right in here sir,” said another of these three black men. There was a room in the middle of the hallway. The room had only one chair with full complex technology all around. Kevin asked the man “Why if you have all this technology you would dedicate it to fighting the dictators?”

“Do you want the plantation or not?” commanded the third man. Kevin went and sat into the chair. There were a bunch of restraints on the chair which the three men used to restrain Kevin.

“This might sting.” said the third man as he put a helmet on Kevin. Kevin began to have a really nervous about this. His heart started to drop without being in a dream for the rest of his because he missed Martha so much.

“Three! Two!” The men started yelling 

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!” Kevin yelled trying to stop but it not do anything.

The helmet started to sting Kevin. It pounded Kevin as if 50 million bees were sting him.

AAAAAAAAAA!” Yelled. He struggles but nothing can happen. This was a worse hellish experience compared to Earth. All of a sudden, Kevin’s body was calm. Nothing moved. His implantation was successful! 


Now Kevin is in his virtual dream world. He is exactly what he told the mistress what he wanted to be. A famous multi billionare. Kevin lived a fake life in his virtual world and doesn’t even know it. He owns Two of the Kepler planets and 15 mansions that were the size of five schools. Now he is at a party that holds 100 people his is at the end of the house looking at the window. His wife Sarah comes over to him. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked 

“Nothing.” Kevin stated as he stared out the window. Due his luck his foot started to bleed. His ankle became twist. Kevin tried to hold in the scream  but he couldn’t he released it. The music stopped and everybody looked at him. He screamed so loud tears started to come down his cheek. He had no idea what was  happening. Why did his foot bleed for no reason? Blood covered the carpet. What worse to come is that his foot comes off his body. 



Kevin made a giant roar. Where his foot was supposed to be has detached causing the huge hole in his leg to bleed like crazy. It wasn’t long until Kevin was dead. 

It was blackness pure blackness nothing around Kevin made sense. He was in pure darkness no light no matter, no energy nothing! Kevin started to cry. Why am I not dead? Kevin said as he cried with no one there to comfort him.


All of the sudden sobs come out of his face. Tears nothing but tears come out of his eyes. Sniff Sniff.


“What's wrong sweetie?” asked another girl in the same bed with Kevin.

“What the hell is going!” Kevin demanded! He got of a ripped bed. He was in a house, a terrible house made of sand. “Where am I?” Kevin scolded.

“Honey your home,” the girl said as she laid next to Kevin.

“I’m serious!” Kevin increased his voice.

“You don’t remember me do you?” The women said.

“What do you mean. I’m John. I’m one of the richest people in the world. Why am I here?”

“Kevin,” the women said calmly.

“My name is not Kevin!”

“You went to that virtual reality place and got your mind all confused that's why you can't remember anything. Kevin was about to say something but he was speechless. He had nothing to say. He stared down to his feet.

“Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you are Martha,” Kevin said very quietly. Martha nodded her head. 

“That's all I know? Why can’t I remember anything more?” questioned Kevin anxiously. 

“Because you lived fake life that you didn’t live. The life where you are famous is all virtual.”

“So where am I? In my virtual world or in my reality world?” There was silence for a long moment. Martha didn’t release any response. 

The moment when Kevin opened his mouth the door was blasted open by a rocket launcher. At the other side five men stood still aiming at Kevin. 

“Fire!” One of the men shouted. Kevin didn’t spare time on reflexes and immediately ran out the door and into the open desert. The five men followed him. Kevin ran faster. He didn’t care if he lost his foot in his party he just ran for his life. PowPow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! ! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow! The bullets catched up to him but never hit Kevin because Kevin was still faster the soldiers. He ran into a small village. The men were still after him.

“Yes I can lose them here!” Kevin thought in his head anxiously. He ran through many houses but never got away with them. He eventually got corned0 where he couldn't possibly escape. The five soldiers surrounded him aiming at him. Kevin was so afraid that he will would die. Out of nowhere Kevin spotted a lid that led to the sewer. Kevin ran for it! All the men shot at him but still none of the bullets didn’t. Kevin slid under the lid and came down into the sewer. There was a long river that fully polluted but luckily there was a sidewalk next to the river.Kevin still ran. After thirty minutes of just running he stopped and looked around.

“I think I lost them.” Kevin said panting. He sat down on the wall and laid there. Being completely exhausted. He wanted to go to sleep he really wanted to but because of his traumatizing experience. First he went to the virtual reality place. Next his mind got messed up and third he doesn’t know what his existence meant. Was he in a virtual world or in a real world. That question roared around his head for so long that it didn’t just wake him it waked him up with disappointment.


In the sewer, Kevin walked slowly next to a river. He eventually came across a small dim room. it was silent. The room was dark and small. A small table was in it. This small room could mean everything or could mean nothing. The sound was gone in that room no echo no nothing. Kevin walked forward. He walked more cautiously. The one and only question repeated in his head.  Am I in reality or virtual reality? This question repeated over and over again.  Am I in reality or virtual reality?  Am I in reality or virtual reality?  Am I in reality or virtual reality? As Kevin approached the room. There was a thin table. It wasn’t so sturdy. However, on top of it was a suit case. A silver one. Kevin approached it closer. When he was just in front of the table, the suitcase had a note card. That said


  “Kevin is for this,”


Kevin didn’t know what to do. Should he open it? Should he open it? Should he open it? …


Kevin gained enough strength. and opened it slowly. Kevin finally, opened the case up. There was dark screen on the suitcase. Next to the screen was a power button. He clicked it and Kevin showed up on the screen. A copy of Kevin was on the screen.

Should he run or find information? Should he run or find information?

Kevin stayed at his seat. The other version of Kevin stared from the screen.

“No time for games we have to get right to it,” Kevin on the screen said. 

“Who are you?” proposed Kevin that was in the room.

“You,” said Kevin said on the screen formally. There was a long silence “Before you start acting toward me an angry behavior, I will tell you what is going on and why you are so confused.”

“Ok,” Kevin responded.

‘In the normal world, not the virtual but the real world, you were poor and didn’t have a good house. You married a woman named Martha who are supposedly dead because of you abandoning her. Furthermore, all your relatives are dead because if    S Smike. Smoie is a evil dictator who owns a lot of money and can kill people for granted. ” Kevin started to think to remember this and he sort of did. “In the real world you go to a place called Virtual Reality and get your life deleted and remember a new one. By doing this you remember remember two lives that you think you lived but never did.” Kevin and the screen said.

“So which one am I?” asked Kevin.

“There is no need to waste time on were and who you are the more important thing is to fix your memory than to understand how messed up you are.” Virtual Kevin said       aggressively. 

“I understand. Carry on.” Kevin said.

“So, while you were in your virtual dream world, the dictator's soldiers came and attacked the place. Whatever happens in reality to get the same feeling in virtual. You thought he had a pain feeling but it didn’t actually happen making you bleed in your party.” the screen Kevin said. “So here you are now.” Kevin looked around. “By  going to virtual you messed up your life. You should've listened to Martha who is probably dead now. The only positive thing about going to virtual is that there is two copies of your, virtual self and real self. Now listen, since you know what is going on Kevin. I want you to fix you and me. There’s a gun next to me. I want you to kill everyone at Virtual and reset your life. By doing that you will come and become normal again.”

The screen turned off. Kevin looked beside him and there was a pistol.


Should he trust this man? Should he trust this man? 


What  all of this was planed. What if he was supposed to dump his wife? What if he supposed to go to Virtual and mess up his whole life. Is any of this real?


That question repeated in his head. Real Real Real. Kevin became cautious he sat on his seat for a long while. Is this real? Is this real?Is this real?Is this real?


Is this real


It is not real.


Kevin stood up looking around. He picked up the gun. He put the ammunition in it. Kevin walked slowly and eventually exited the room. 

“Soooo…” Kevin said to himself “I talked with this guy but never got to know whether I live in a fake world. I must live in reality because he said so. He told me that I live in this kind of era so I must live. But he also told me by going to Virtual I made two copies of myself; one virtual and one reality. But I saw myself so one of us are these kinds of realities. However, how come we can communicate if I’m in one reality. I can’t be awake and have hallucinations tell myself important things if I never remembered. So therefore, it has to be a dream. But, why do I remember two lives then? I would only remember one if I lived in both realities. So therefore I have to live in reality. But but,” Kevin knew that her would start rambling on about evidence for both sides. “I simply don’t know.”


“Attention! Everybody!” A tv played. Kevin looked to the right of him. There was the same village that he used to escape. Kevin saw something that he never saw. There was a huge about 1 miles by 1 miles tv. Kevin was shocked to this. Even, though Kevin was too far away to see anything he did hear everything.

“There is this one man called Kevin. I want him. IF you bring him to me. One of you will get a free trip to the Kepler planets!”


The whole village yelled. Instantaneously, everybody started to run in different directions. 

“On no,” Kevin said and ran with all his might like the soldiers from earlier wasn’t enough. Kevin ran for thirty minutes straight  but that wasn’t enough. The poor people on Earth spotted him and chased after him. Kevin took out his gun.

“I don’t want to do this!” He aimed at the 50 or so people who were chasing him. He pulled the trigger slightly down. Bam! The bullet didn’t make any of the men sleep but all of them backed off. Kevin shot up in the sky again. The 50 men walked slowly backwards. Kevin aimed at the men. 

“Hisss!” All the men screeched. Kevin knew if he killed any of the men that they would come and beat him. Not all guns can defeat 50 men in one shot. 

“Move!” Kevin demanded. The men didn’t flinch. They all really really wanted that free trip to the Kepler planets. One grumpy old man said.

“Boy, millions of people die everyday. If we can take you alive to SSS mike we can reproduce on the Kepler planets and continue the human race.” He picked up his 44. magnum another type of pistol and aimed at Kevin. Kevin and the other 49 men noticed this. Kevin didn’t shoot the man but instead the person right next to him. He died. Soon, all the 49 men started beating each other allowing Kevin to escape! Even though Kevin just escaped the men he wasn’t going to give up his opportunity to get his life back. 


“Phew,” Kevin said after he ran for an extra thirty minutes. The sun started to lay low. What a day. Even though a whole bunch of things happened Kevin was not going to end the day incomplete process. 

“I will take my life back!” Kevin said to himself.


Hours passed, Kevin kept on walking.  It was until midnight Kevin saw the Virtual Reality sign in front of the building. 


Kevin took out his gun. “It’s time,” Kevin said to himself. He filled it up with another stack of bullets and walked more slowly at the place. Ding! the bell rang as the door was getting opened. Kevin walked in barely showing his face.

“Hi! How can I help you sir?” said the same mistress from the first time Kevin came to Virtual Reality. “Sir?” she said again. Then became silent. Kevin’s gun was pointing at the mistress. 

“Where is it?”  Kevin growled. 

“Where is what?” the mistress said in fright.

“The button the resets you ever going here!” Kevin’s voice rose.

“Sir please don’t hurt me! We don’t have that kind of button!”

“THAT’S A LIE!” Kevin Yelled and pulled the trigger.


The trigger had been pulled. Kevin started bleeding. His back was drooling blood all over the floor. Kevin fell down. There he was lying there not moving. Behind him was a soldier in a black war outfit. It was the same soldiers that Smike owned. Kevin suffered on the floor coughing out blood. He looked behind him, the three soldiers came up to him. (could it have been those three men?). Kevin tried to get up couldn’t.

“GET UP!” said one of the soldiers and pulled his hair. Kevin tried to stay low and not get. Then the soldiers. hit Kevin in the head and nearly knocked him out. It was after that one punch when Kevin got up instantaneously despite major bleeding in his arm.  

“Move!” yelled another of the men. The men made Kevin stand and walk to the same room where Kevin got the plantation of a fake life. They dropped Kevin on the floor. Kevin continued to bleed on the floor. 12 more men come in the same room. Kevin looks at all of the. 

“What the-?” the guard said but before he could finish his sentence he was laying on the floor. Kevin got up and aimed at the second soldier to kill. BAM! another soldier fell to the ground. This aggravated all the other 13 men in less than a second all the men were shooting at Kevin. Kevin managed to exit the room. Soldiers ran after him. Kevin threw his gun into a soldier's mask causing him to fall down. Kevin didn’t run out of the place Virtual Reality, instead he tackled one of the guards. He kept on pushing against him knocking him out nearly killing him. The other men tried to shoot at Kevin. Kevin grabbed a soldier and used him as a shield. The soldiers kept on shooting at Kevin but also hit the soldier used as the shield. Then Kevin, took his shield (the soldier) and threw it to the grouped men shooting at him. At the same time, Kevin managed to get a grenade from one of the soldiers.

“If it means to find the truth of my existence, I’ll do it!” Kevin nearly pulled the pin but, one of the soldiers shot at Kevin’s knee. Kevin fell again. The guards rushed over to Kevin strangled him and made him stand. He started to regret ever going to Virtual. There was a bright light in front of Kevin but he couldn’t notice what it was. Kevin closed his eyes and opened it again. There was a man in black tuxedo on him. 

“S- S- Smike?” Kevin squeaked as he was still controlled by the other soldiers. 

“No,” said that figure looking at him. “I’m you,” said the figure again. The light dimmed a little bit. Kevin recognized this voice. After few seconds Kevin could see clearly. 

“YOU!” Kevin yelled at his copy of himself. 

“Yes indeed” said the copy. “Perhaps you won't be as shocked if Smike came here.” as the copy of Kevin said that. Smoke came down and stood next to copy of Kevin. “You know, I am very happy to come to this moment. I always wanted to tell you the truth but never had a chance.”

“What Truth!” Kevin demanded. 

“I’ll get there.” said the copy of Kevin in a very calm manner. “Your life never existed. You are confused because you don’t understand. However, the true meaning is that life never existed. Everybody you meant everybody you see your memory is not real. Even you going to Virtual was not real. It doesn’t matter how many times we kick you, shoot you, you will always live. Why? Because none of this exists. See your life is a test. In the rela real world. You are an artificial AI. A robot slave. You going to Virtual was another of the tests to make a better mind.” Kevin started to get mad real mad. He couldn’t  comprehend his life being a test for the dictators or whoever has power in the real real world.


“If you don’t believe me.” said the copy of Kevin. “I will forcefully prove it.” Then Smike jumped in.

“Cut him up!” he yelled. One of the soldiers took out a very sharp and acute knife. Kevin looked at it in horror and frantically tried to escape. But the men held him down. Blood started to come out of his arm. Kevin was pouring out sweat. The soldiers ripped the skin of his arm off. Inside was a robotic arm and hand. Kevin couldn’t believe this. He was truly a robot. Kevin didn’t want to accept that he was a robot. He became more aggravated. Due to his mass struggling he was a able to escape all the soldiers fell to the ground. Smike and the copy of Kevin ran for their lives. There was a spaceship, Smike and the other people who could make it got on it. It started to propel into the air. It was couple meters off the ground before Kevin jumped on the side of the spaceship. It blasted it self into space with Kevin holding on the side. It bombarded through the atmosphere of Earth. Kevin started to suffer. This was the most pain that Kevin ever experienced. However, he was a robot why he doesn’t need oxygen so he survived going to space.


“Is he gone?” asked the copy of Kevin in a rush. There was silence for two seconds. “Answer me!” he yelled.

BOOM! The spaceship exploded killing every man on it. Since there is no gravity in space, the explosion was tremendous times bigger than on Earth ; it ripped through Kevin skin. All his blood and skin is off of him. Now, he was just a piece of metal floating around in open space. There he was a man who suffered his whole life and this is his conclusion. A red dot activated in the robot. Kevin wasn’t dead. He looked around and at his hands. He couldn’t talk. He just couldn’t. Kevin began to cry. “After all my life after everything I’ve been through I’m here floating in space regretting my existence.” Kevin said to himself. “Why,” Kevin said to himself. “Why,” He floated near a star repeating that. There is no meaning for Kevin to live, if he is even living. Kevin started to burn in the sunrays knowing that it was his destiny.


Did he die? Did he survive?


Is any of this real?       








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my bad i got to this a lil late but congrats @Andrewfor winning the public vote, hit up Black Rain#8465 and tell her whichever game you’d like, and @blackwolf0005 hit her up and you’ll get the other game. it’s unfortunate we couldn’t get more submissions but thanks to both of u for participating. and if forum awards come back and there’s a contest winner award, both of u get one

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Same here, I’m on a Rainbow Six grind to get back into it and high-school has been a real stick up my ass. You guys can keep em, ya filthy memers, voting for a story with >30 grammatical errors...

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