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A JB map created by me and @Amazing with the expertise of @Damon. We're designing a rebel-heavy map with a lot of secrets, however, CTs, do not fret, there will be a negev in armory Soon™. With many secrets to discover, and even some @ape chy couldn't find, I would say this is an actually playable map. Currently this map is around 50% done (I think) and you can get this map off the steam workshop here. Currently this map is unfinished and a soccer will definitely be added one day...


This map currently features:

  • Maincell (of course)
  • Two climbs (Box climb and normal climb)
  • Pool + Bar
  • Showers
  • Dropdown
  • 4 corners
  • A CT exclusive catwalk system
  • Many secrets (pistols, awp secret, armory tp, etc)

More is coming!






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I like it! Some things I noticed were the small size of the 4 Corners and the words above certain places, sometimes I find that unnecessary. Think about it in your map, if you want those words there or not. Do we really need to know what's pool, probably not.  Also i'm totally down for a bait secret, like small font in the Bar telling the Prisoners to press "E" on a specific bottle or keg for example, and it just gives them drug effect or something.

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Also, if has any suggestions for a map name or deathgames please say so here.

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Some notes after reviewing the map with @karloskerimand @Amazing


For the Bar vent, add a Jukebox next to the to the counter and underneath the bottles and add an invisible ledge from the bottles ledge to the top of the vent.

Fix the Five-Seven secret underneath the ramp leading to pool

Make sure auto weapon spawn is disabled 

Consider making regular climb a little easier (Double strafe jump, strafe jump, two platform longjump)

Make some sort of visual effect for dying in 4 Corners

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We added a Jukebox like ZZL said we also improved the decathlon/death run and added a dodge course and we have other things in mind aswell for the map. Also auto weapon spawn is on the servers behalf not the maps. I will consider making a secret video if people can’t figure out awp secret.

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Map's fully functional now I'm just too lazy to put a post so once @Chad adds it on the server you'll see what it's like. It's not the completed version I would like but it's playable lol :thumb:

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