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I have a pretty good amount of games to giveaway to you guys! No special occasion, just feeling generous.


In order to enter the giveaway, simply like this post and you will be entered into the drawing. Coincidentally (or not), this also helps me farm likes! I will select 16 winners which equals the amount of games available to give away. I will use Wheel of Names to pick the winners. It will end on September 3rd!


Game selection will be prioritized by the order the names are selected on the wheel!


The games in this giveaway are..


Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition

Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Metal Unit


Hello Neighbor + Hello Neighbor (Hide and Seek) < In order to win this, you must be a supporter of the community. Any of the 3 levels are fine.  :thumb:


Call of Cthulhu

Little Big Workshop

Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition


Through the Darkest of Times

American Fugitive: State of Emergency

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters

We Were Here Together 
A Case of Distrust


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3 minutes ago, Dreamz said:

Coincidentally (or not), this also helps me farm likes!

Shit, at least he's being honest. Thanks for the giveaway Dreamz!

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I don't know any of these games but thanks for the giveaway!

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Big man Dreamz with the big generosity 

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I am ending this at 5:00pm EST which is in one hour! Get your entries in :)

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We have some winners! I put the names of those who entered into the wheel and spun 16 times. Since the games were in no particular order, I put those in the wheel and decided to let it pick games in the order that the names were drawn from the first wheel. So, the names and games are in the order that they were chosen by the wheel. Congratulations to the winners! To receive your game, you may either PM me on the forums or message me on Discord: Dreamz#4401.


Here are the results:

@Military_king - Age of Wonders

@Shawty - Automachef

@Benzene - Genesis Alpha One

@MCSteve - Battlestar Galactica

@Link - We Were Here Together

@urpalerp - Wargroove

@codez - Little Big Workshop

@Case - The Coma 2

@Dom - Call of Cthulhu

@Rygor - Vampyr

@Steven. - A Case of Distrust

@20 scrolls - Hello Neighbor

@WavY - American Fugitive

@The Real Slim Jim - Metal Unit

@Mikey. - Through the Darkest Times

@Mace - Sigma Theory

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