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Update on Junior Administrator

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Hi everyone,


There is a long list of crap that the BD's are discussing, which mostly covers major changes as to how we operate as a community. Instead of waiting for us to finish discussing everything, we're just going to push out changes piece by piece as we get to them. Most of us have been pretty busy lately, so it's taking a bit longer to get through everything.


Effective immediately:


JA's will no longer be required to undergo admin training. We encourage people to reach out to other admins for help, techniques, tips, etc. We also encourage other admins to help out JA's when they see them in the servers. Maybe step back a bit and walk them through how you'd handle a situation in admin chat. This isn't meant to be micromanaging - think 'on the job' training. As always, please reach out if there are ever any questions.


There will no longer be a discussion for demotions for JA's who receive a strike within their tenure before becoming SA. While this had good intentions, it is doing us more harm than good because people are afraid to use their powers during that timeframe. JA's will now be held under the same exact system as SA's. After 90 days, just reach out to a BD and we will promote you. There is no discussion that takes will be promoted right away. The point of the 90 day wait is to give some time to gain 'street smarts' with your new powers and abilities and not to go overboard. The jump from JA to SA serves as adding a few more tools in your toolbox. 


I encourage everyone, of all ranks, to reach out to new JA's during their time and see how they are doing, and if they need any help. There will be no official process for this, but please feel free to reach out and check how people are doing. Additionally, to make it abundantly clear: the goal of a 'punishment' system is not to remove an admin. The entire point of it is trying to fix shit at the lowest possible level that we can. Admin retention is our priority; we're not trying to remove people.


Any questions, please reach out and ask. 

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