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SG's Favorite Admin Contest - Round 2 - JA Group 2.0

Favorite Admin  

77 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. JA Group

    • LzYoRHa
    • the baconator
    • Drago™
    • Mace
    • Auto
    • The Don
    • Bowgun44

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So there was a bit of miscommunication so I'm redoing this thread. For this round you can only pick one admin and the voters are private.. my bad.


Time to begin Round 2, starting with our Junior Administrators. The two admins with the highest votes win the group and will move on. Good luck!




@the baconator




@The Don



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1 hour ago, urpalerp said:

damn now we cant bully someone for voting for themselves

No one is safe. 



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I was winning before it got fixed :(

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Just because it's private don't mean you're safe from me


Look at Kyle! He campaigned and now he's gone... I'm watching you!

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I can confirm that Drago did not campaign for himself. If anything, we voted for him out of pity. we're just kidding drago.

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30 minutes ago, RemixedPixel said:

imagine waking up as a functioning member of society and voting baconator

like how do you do that

Dude wtf? Im a great person. 

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making fun of people for who they voted was the whole point of the contest wtf

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