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TTT Community Meeting 9/16

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TTT Community Meeting


Hello Gamers,


As you may have noticed, we've made a significant number of changes to the server recently, and we'd like to have a discussion with you guys about it. We're looking for not only feedback on any of the changes we've made thus far, but also on future changes and the state of the server. This will help us guide our plans for the server and tailor it towards what you guys are interested in. The topics that may be covered are:


-Credit/Item Rework

-Auto-Moderation Karma System

-Detective Strength and Meta
-Innocent Menu

-New Items and Old/Stale items

-Haste Rounds

-State of the Server


If there's anything in particular that you as a player (or staff member) would like to discuss, you can bring it up here, or we'll have time at the end of the meeting to open the floor. We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the changes and pushing our server forward together.



Wednesday, September 16th @ 8PM EST



Community Meeting Channel



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couldn't make the meeting, is there a reason the radar is 150 credits? I feel like at lower credits it was helpful to speed up long 1v1 rounds on big maps

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