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ZE Community Meeting 9/26 4:00 PM EST

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Zombie Escape Community Meeting

Date/Time: Saturday September 26th - 4:00pm EST
Place: Discord -


There hasn't been a meeting in awhile and there has been massive changes over the past few days, which is why we want to hold a meeting to keep you guys up to date as to what's going on, what our future plans are, discuss current problems, and so on . If you guys have any questions that are not listed in the agenda, we will be holding a Q&A





-ZE Admins
-Maps / Events/ Models
-Point System
-Future Plans/Goals
-What do you guys want to see from us that wasn't necessarily done in the past
-QNA/Open Floor

If there's a topic that's not on this list that you want to bring up don't be afraid to suggest them.


See you guys at the meeting =)

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