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4 hours ago, kabLe said:

@Caution thoughts?




update, its been  4 hours and she hasn't asked me to do the deed yet.

I promised responses


not results 

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10 hours ago, fantastic said:

im too wholesome for tinder so i could never send that, im only getting lonely asian women who arent my type

yeah like pokimane?


hows that working out now 

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5 hours ago, kabLe said:



@Caution got anymore?



when you match with someone, say 'Oh thank God I'm finally able to reach you. Look, the mission went all wrong. I managed to get into the vault, but I've tripped the alarm.'


90% respond with someone back like getting into it, and the other 10% are dumb and don't get it. wait for the response


doesn't really matter what they respond with, but lead into something along the lines of 'This is weird, a prompt came up to disable the says 'Hint: (their name) 's phone number. what should I type in? Help me out here'



usually always works 

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