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Poll: BD Meetings

BD Meetings  

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  1. 1. What would you be interested in?

    • Reading notes before a meeting (rough agenda).
    • Reading notes after a meeting (covering strictly what we discussed after the fact).
    • Reading notes before and after a meeting (this would be having a pre-set agenda followed by notes).
    • Attending a meeting and listening in.
    • Attending a meeting and having notes posted.
    • Other idea (please post).
    • I am not interested in anything of this sort.

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  • Poll closed on 10/05/20 at 11:20 AM

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Hello everyone,


One of the next topics of discussion on the BD plate is providing for a bit more transparency among BD meetings. There have been several ways brought up with doing this - posting notes, posting recordings, allowing people to join the channel but not talk, etc. I'm creating this poll to see who would actually be interested in even attending or following up on stuff like this. If there aren't many people who would be interested, it may not be something we look into implementing.


Obviously, there are going to be private topics (such as some punishment discussions) that will not be made public. This isn't to do with IA / BD affairs, it's more meant to be when the BD's get together to discuss major or minor changes in the community.  Throwing this poll up to gauge interest, and see if there are any alternative ideas that might be presented. 



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i would like to attend the meeting and take notes. i can also mediate the meeting and be the humble voice of justice, reason, and morality i used to be

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I think posting a rough agenda as well as notes taken after the meeting would be a good idea. I don't think it would be a good idea to allow the general public to sit in on meetings just because that most likely can and will restrict the freeflow of ideas and honest opinions. No matter what, somethings just aren't gonna be said with all ears open. I personally, always liked the fact that meetings between ranks have always been more of a free flow conversation about certain topics. Letting the general public sit in would, in my opinion, make things be more rigid and less productive.


I think letting the public know that the BDs will convene at X with a rough agenda gives everyone an idea of what you guys are currently looking into, and would be good to give other people a chance to add potential topics that they feel should be discussed. This will give you guys a good idea of what the community in general values as important as well as give the general public an idea of where the BDs minds are currently focused allowing a better understanding on both ends of the spectrum. 


On top of that, a lot of things tend to come up off the cuff tying into the idea of a free flow conversation. When this happens, you can easily add these thoughts to post meeting notes which then if a BD has a rough idea, adding it to the post meeting notes gives the community a chance to voice their opinion. We all want to be apart of the big boy talks but I think allowing people to voice their opinion on what will/was discussed is a huge step forward in the interest of transparency and community cohesion and allows for the BDs to still have those free flowing private conversations and maybe not every idea needs to be brought to the general public at that point in time. 

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I personally wouldn't wanna sit in a call while you guys are doing meetings just to give you guys some privacy and to let ya speak freely without knowing that # people are listening to your every word.

A rough agenda of topics that would be discussed and maybe an update to it after the meeting to see what thoughts you guys have on the discussed topics would be enough for me at least.

I'm also gonna agree with @kabLe that letting the people that make up the community have a voice in certain topics and discussions is a great step forward and it's good to know that higher-ups are thinking about these sorta things to try and make the community more unified (especially after the ze situation)


All in all though, I'd be happy with whichever path you guys decide to go with this, except for the "I am not interested in anything of this sort.",  all the options have the same theme/goal in mind of community engagement.


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I originally voted to sit in the channel and listen but I totally agree with the comments above. It would be easier for people to jump to conclusions or take something the wrong way, and I feel like you guys would spend a lot more time sticking around answering questions after the meeting, etc. Also, I’m not 100% sure but I feel like there may be certain topics that can’t be discussed in a meeting full of community members. If notes are usually taken during the meeting, it would be easier to get the correct message across for certain topics using those, as well as keeping certain things private. 

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Thanks everyone for the feedback and votes.


It may take a little bit of time to implement successfully, but I think we'll actively move towards a bit of transparency in some capacity, see what works for us, fine-tune as needed, etc. To clarify, people sitting in on BD meetings is not a Q&A session, it's more of a fly-on-the-wall thing. Discussions regarding actual personal / private matters obviously would not take place in a channel full of people. Additionally, I don't promote people to BD who won't speak their mind in front of people. We've had BD's like that in the past, and it doesn't work out well. If people being in the channel alters the course of a conversation because a member of the Board is afraid to speak their mind, I have already failed as President. 

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