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My Upcoming Activity & the Future of SteamGamers

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Good afternoon everyone,


As I have mentioned a few times now, we are actively engaged in expanding SG. This is starting to branch out into several areas - many of which are leaps of faith, trial and error, etc. New servers, expanding beyond PayPal (on my to-do list is creating a bank account for SG since a lot of things require one of my personal debit cards anyways), new policies, etc. It may seem like it's taking awhile to push stuff out, but we're just getting to it when we can. The ban system was a major overhaul, and next on the list is probably revamping how we handle admin strikes. There's a reason that I am trying to get some of this stuff pushed out soon, or at least begin conversations of what it looks like. It's not really a secret, I just haven't shared it publicly yet I guess, but I intend on resigning from my position in the federal government to pick up contracting in the Middle-East for a few years - starting sometime in the next few months.


What that looks like for my activity...I'm not entirely sure. I'm hoping it actually allows me to be a bit more active because it seems the schedule is much more consistent. Having been to the Middle-East before, I know not to plan on that too much though until I get there and see what's up. As always, in the event of my extended absence where I cannot be reached, Gator has the ultimate and final say in any and all matters pertaining to SG. I feel like it is important to start getting a lot of these changes started, if not to at least see what works for us and what doesn't. Moving to a better automated payment system was a huge load off (thanks Liam) - but I do want to initiate some sort of 'If you're not set up in x amount of days, we'll give you more' type of official policy before I go. What that looks like...I'm not entirely sure. I've kind of already been doing that as is once it hits 2 weeks, but it hasn't been much of a problem lately save for a few oddballs. 


Anyways, if there are some major changes to the overall community you'd like to see or bring up, feel free to post a thread or send me a message. If it's worthwhile, I'll add it to the discussion and maybe purchase a game or something for unique ideas that haven't been brought up. While SG is a great place that many call home, there is a lot we can still do to better this place. We're all in this together and we are our only limits to how far we can take SG. 


salam alaikum Thanks everyone! 

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