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Rust Drops on Twitch

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Rust drops have been enabled on twitch. Watching for 1 hour will allow you to get 'Purple Glasses', watching for 3 hours gets you 'Purple Underwear', and watching for 6 hours can get you a headset (in game). Go to the link below for the instructions on how to get drops and how to link your accounts so you're eligible for said drops.

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I highly recommend watching for 6 hours to get the Headset. In comparison to either items the Headset makes up for a Boonie Hat + a Bandana which allows you to preserve one slot for practically the same amount of stats.

In comparison here is the Headset to the other 2 items I would use other than a wolf headdress of course.


 As you can see the Headset is around the same amount of stats if you combine Boonie + Bandana and the reason why it's worth waiting 6 hours for is because well it's free. For the Boonie Hat you would have to pay to be able to obtain the item same for the Bandana Mask. To make the Headset it cost 10 cloth while the other 2 cost around 15 cloth and for the amount of protection it gives you i'd say its pretty damn worth it to wait the 6 hours. My opinions on the underwear is they look really funky, but definitely an improvement to the default ones. I don't recommend the glasses as they don't provide any protection and dim the screen a little bit because well they're sunglasses and cannot be worn with the headset.

This is what the twitch clothes look like (personally they don't look the best)


I'm just gonna @ everyone I know that would probably participate in this or would like to get the items to have later. @TheTamer @Infinityward @Creten @Steven. @Abyss @janseen @gween

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i have sepnt hours watching coco i have recieved the items

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