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Seeding servers.

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TL:DR right away:




Randoms typically do not want to join a server with 0/100 players. This is why in Squad (and many other games), special efforts are taken to pull in randoms and regulars, in order to grow a sustainable mass of players for a full game.  In SG there are two sets of additional seeding rules for pre-skirmish and skirmish.


Jensen's range:

1. Do not PvP

2. Do not shoot down helicopters

3. Just try out your weapons on the non-player targets.


Skirmish :

1. Play the center objective. If there is an equal amount of flags then the objective will be agreed upon by players or determined by the admin.

2. Do not go beyond the center objective, either attack it or defend it. You may claim your own flags before the center objective.

3. Please PLEASE do not build your HAB on the center objective, build it the next flag over.

4. Do not attack enemy FOBs and HABs.

5. Seeding rules apply until 25 v 25 and when the admin broadcasts that the server is LIVE.


Remember, the objective of seeding is to build up a sustainable population. Please follow the seeding rules and do not try to make other players rage-quit.





1. We have a special discord for our Squad servers, join it and invite your friends:

2. Go to the "#seeder-assignment" channel and react to become a seeder:




3. You will now be notified whenever the server is officially being seeded. Of course you can contact an admin and request them to start a seed, if none are active. Initiative is welcome and will be noticed.


4. Be patient, our squad server is new and still establishing a player-base, this will take time. It might not always work but when it does, going from 3 to 100 can feel amazing. The best time to start a seed is even before people get home from work and school. If the server is empty, I personally just play minecraft on the side while I wait for a few other players to join.


5. "But Silent, Squad is an expensive niche game, I can't afford it" . Don't worry my friend, just bookmark the page and wait for the winter sale, if you like hardcore shooters then it will be worth the money:


Thank you!








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+1 on that feeling from 0 to 100 players. If anyone reading this has questions on how Squad mechanics work, don't hesitate to ask. 

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