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Allow CAs to delete Discord messages

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Hey everyone, so about a month ago I made a suggestion to allow Community Advisors to delete Discord messages if they have a good reason, like a message breaking the rules. Not recently, but around the time I made the suggestion we had a good amount of people making alts to spam mention, say stuff that’s against the rules (mostly racism), and just them genuinely being a troll. Usually we would have to go looking for an IA+, which a lot of them use DNS which mutes all notifications. We have I think 12-15 CAs, most of them are active enough to correctly and efficiently moderate the Discord. People sooner or later will find ways around the auto moderation system, like some people have in the past. I would rather message a CA that is there at the current time than message an IA+ for them to delete the messages later. Also, most of the IA+ have jobs and not as much free time as the rest of the community staff. Like I said in my suggestion in Discord, even if it may not be used often it would be nice for them to have. One of my main reasons I don’t see a reason for this not to happen is because CAs already get enough access to delete/hide forum posts, so I don’t really see a reason why they shouldn’t be able to delete messages. 

If someone were to believe their message was wrongly deleted, the IA+ can find who deleted it via Dyno which is already on the server. If I were to guess it already logs messages deleted.


Give your thoughts on this, whether they be for it or against it I do not care. Anything is welcome.





Give CAs the ability to delete messages in Discord.

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I'm gonna be straight and tell you that this is not going to happen. It has been brought up and talked about many many times and has been shot down for various reasons I do not feel like explaining publicly, but the CA+ know most of the reasoning behind it. That being said, we are working on something that will perhaps provide a middle ground and offer more moderation...but as with all good changes, it's gonna take a little bit of time to roll out.


I'd like to squash a few misconceptions though, as I've seen them floating around quite a bit lately and it's not great for notably incorrect information to be perpetuated like this.


First, being discord DND for most IA+ does not mean we are unavailable nor does it affect anyone's ability to get a hold of us. Most of us keep DND during the day because we do not want to hear the god awful fucking pinging noise of discord messages going off in 20...40...60+ channels in the staff discord. We still see messages, we still see pings, and most of us still respond rather quickly to either of those...whether our sound is muted or not.


Second is the thought that the IA+ are these incredibly busy people and therefore we should default more stuff to the CAs, SMs, etc. Yes, the IAs are all mostly adults or close to it and therefore lead relatively busy lives, but they're also very capable of juggling all that and being readily available to tend to your pings, messages, and whatever the hell else you throw at them. Part of the selection process for IA+ is that activity...most specifically discord activity as it is where 98% of our discussions take place...and at this point its the primary communication platform within the community. Honestly at least half the CAs are notably less active and available during the day than the IA+ it's really a moot point.


We are aware of this growing consensus that CAs or CA+ should have more discord mod perms (message delete), and we understand that it's a little different than the kind of access they have on the forums...but there are reasons for that. Most of the time when discord issues come up, I've seen them handled within 5 minutes...which by all standards is fine and anyone expecting instantaneous results doesn't really understand what the fuck they're talking about. Adding more people to modding would not only...not make things get handled any faster or better, but it'd actually be a huge fucking headache for the IA+ team to sift through everything the CAs end up doing on discord. Again, I don't really want to get into all the reasoning or specifics behind it all...but it's where we are.


So yeah, go ahead and discuss further if you want...but there are already plans in place to add onto the current moderation, just not this.

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