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Trouble in Terrorist Town Guide

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Trouble in Terrorist Town is a classic roleplay gamemode that tests your awareness and trust. At the beginning of the round, every player is assigned one of three roles:

Innocents: Innocents are unproven players who have to survive to the end of the round, either by waiting out the clock or killing all of the traitors. They only know that they're innocent and do not know the roles of any other players, except for detectives. They cannot kill other players without valid evidence. They have access to a limited innocent menu to purchase utilities.

Traitors: Traitors have to kill all of the innocents and detectives before the end of the round. Traitors get a list of their fellow traitors upon role assignment and can see who their traitor buddies are. Detectives and innocents, however, do not know who the traitors are. Traitors also have access to a traitor menu which allows them to purchase weapons and special items.

Detectives: Detectives are proven innocents who have the same goal as innocents. All players can see who the detectives are. They also have access to a detective menu which allows them to purchase weapons and special items. They cannot kill other players without valid evidence or reasoning.

The round ends when either the detectives and innocents or the traitors are eliminated, or if time expires.


Make sure you read our Rules and FAQ to understand what we allow and disallow on the server.


Identifying a Player's Role

You'll be informed what role you are in chat at the start of the round. You can also tell what role you are by looking at the letter at the top right corner of your screen:

I - Innocent

T - Traitor

D - Detective

There are a few ways you can find out the role of other players.

1. To find out the role of a dead player, you can go up to their body and press E. This process is called identifying a body. Once you press E on the body, their body will turn either green, red, or blue depending on their role. A universal notification will also appear in chat which tells everyone the role of the player, who will then be marked dead on the scoreboard.

2. Detectives have access to a taser in their menu. The taser does no damage, but when it connects with a player, a taser message will pop up for all players in chat. The message reveals the role of the player who was tased.

3. Some maps have features called traitor testers. When a tester is activated with a player inside, it will reveal the role of a player. This is typically indicated through a green or red light appearing upon completion of the test.



Karma is a statistic that reflects your performance on the server and is updated at the end of each round. All players initially start with 200 karma. You gain karma if you kill an enemy. Your karma goes down if you kill a teammate. Karma is currently capped at 500.

Here are the following karma values for each type of kill for each role:


Killing an innocent: -15
Killing a traitor: +15
Killing a detective: -40


Killing an innocent: +5
Killing a traitor: -25
Killing a detective: +5


Killing an innocent: -25
Killing a traitor: +15
Killing a detective: -40

Players also gain 5 passive karma for each round played.


Finding Traitors


Innocents and detectives are not allowed to kill other players unless they know a player is a traitor using valid reasoning. One way to determine if someone is a traitor is if they committed a traitorous act. You can kill someone for committing the following acts:


1. Shooting around others, unless it is in self defense. 

2. Purposefully not IDing unidentified bodies.

3. Damaging or killing innocents or detectives. 

 4. Purchasing traitor items

5. Activating traitor traps.

6. Entering traitor rooms.

7. Being associated with a known traitor (see FAQ for more details).
8. Traitor baiting (see rules for more details).

 In addition to traitorous acts, you can also kill someone for the following reasons:


9. Process of elimination (using scoreboard).

10. Player was tased and revealed to be a traitor.

11. Player was scanned in a traitor tester and revealed to be a traitor.

12. Player has a KOS (Kill on sight) called on them.

13. Other reasons covered in our rules.


Make sure to see our Rules and FAQ for more information on when you can/can't kill someone.


Item Menus

Each role has access to a specific menu in which they can purchase certain utilities, weapons, and special items. These items are acquired using credits, a currency players obtain during the round through certain actions.


All players start each round with 150 credits. Each role can obtain/lose credits through the following actions:



Identifying a body: +50 credits

Killing a traitor: +50 credits

Killing an innocent: -100 credits

Killing a detective: -500 credits




Identifying a body: +50 credits

Killing an innocent: +50 credits

Killing a detective: +50 credits

Killing a traitor: -100 credits



Identifying a body: +50 credits

Killing a traitor: +50 credits

Killing a detective: -300 credits

To access the menu during the round, type !m or /m in chat. Each role can purchase the following items:


Innocent Menu


Healthshot - 250 credits

Kevlar+Helm - 250 credits

Sprint - 250 credits


Traitor Menu


Sprint - 25 credits

Hurt Station - 50 credits

Tripmines - 50 credits

USP-S - 50 credits

Drop - 100 credits

Healthshot - 100 credits

MP5-SD - 100 credits

Radar - 100 credits

Teleporter - 100 credits

1-Hit Knife - 150 credits

Breachcharges - 150 credits

Jihad - 150 credits

Martyrdom - 150 credits

M4A1-S - 200 credits

Kevlar+Helm - 250 credits

Silent AWP - 250 credits

Missile - 350 credits


Detective Menu


Sprint - 25 credits

Healthshot - 100 credits

Health Station - 100 credits

Taser - 100 credits

Radar - 100 credits

DNA Scanner - 200 credits

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