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Among us proximity chat event

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s/o @thuxys for the sick banner! 



What is Among us and How will we play?


Among us is an online multiplayer strategy game where players are tasked with preparing their spaceship for a departure. Players are split into 2 main groups. The Crew and The Impostors. The Crews goal is to prepare the ship by completing various tasks around the map all while The Impostors attempt to sabotage and murder all of The Crew mates.  The game is currently available for free on mobile as well as being available for purchase on steam . Private lobby's support a maximum of 10 people so we will do our best to split the lobby's depending on turnout. 


Rules for Voice Communication


Voice communication will be a little bit different this time around. There is now proximity chat which means that only the people around you can hear you. When you are in-game you need to deafen in discord just like normal but you will stay deafened the entire match so you will use the proximity chat to talk throughout the game.


How to download and set up Proximity chat

Click the download link Download Then click the blue text named CrewLink-Setup-1.1.6.exe or the green latest release at the top left below tags. Once you are done with that you need to start up crew linkup then you will see at the top left corner a gear click that and you will have the option to change your microphone or your speaker. And when you are all set up changing your preferred setting you just have to enter the lobby code and your in and then you will see on the crew link application green circles around people that means you are talking.



Friday, December 18 @ 8:00 pm EST



SG Discord

Game codes will be distributed on the day of the event





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1 hour ago, Greggy G said:

Im so going to be here for this. @Trazz I better see your bitch ass in this event.

I will try my best to be there. 





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I will be imposter-baiting the ENTIRE time albeit I’m always a crew mate. @rygor”Eye” better see you there :)! Thanks for the event @Arctic wolf!

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finally i can take my ingenious to an group of people who will appreciate my intellect

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1 hour ago, Trazz said:

Event started late.





Event went well, thanks to everyone who came out.

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