Competition Trouble in Christmas Town - Karma Contest

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Thanks @crazedkangaroo for the banner!




Trouble in Christmas Town


It's time for another karma contest, just in time for the holidays! Once again, this will be an uncapped karma contest and will last a month. You do not need screenshots, but you will need a forum account to claim any prizes.


Our server will also receive a Christmas/holiday makeover for this contest, including some holiday themed maps and models!



December 21st 2020 - January 21st 2021










1st place: 1 month of Elite Supporter, 5000 credits, and a personal model! Model will not be custom made, so look for a model that is already ported to CSGO.


2nd place: 1 month of Premium Supporter and 5000 credits!


3rd place: 1 month of Basic Supporter and 5000 credits!











Public Models


Santa (All) - 12k credits





Basic Supporter Models


Grinch Red/Blue (T/CT) - 12k credits






Premium Supporter Models


Natalie (T) - 12k credits





 Sophia (CT) - 12k credits






Elite Supporter Models


Jack Frost (All) - 12k credits





Models are not permanent and only available for the duration of the event.

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10 hours ago, dafty said:

So this gets accepted but not my Reddit Karma event? I smell bias.

i've heard they're adding your current reddit karma to your total karma at the end of the contest...

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3 hours ago, Never_Mind said:

I wonder who will win the contest :blink:

spacer.pngme too

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Yo will the models be temporary or will you get to keep it permanently 

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Congrats to the winners of the karma contest!


1st place: @nate1111


2nd place: @Mark Rober


3rd place: @Never_Mind


You guys will be receiving your prizes soon. Nate1111, reach out to me when you find a CSGO player model you want. If you are having trouble, reach out to me and I'll show you some places you can find them.


Thanks for everyone for participating in this event. The map rotation is back to normal, and we'll have some new models for you guys soon.

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