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New loyalty ranks + raffle

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If you've noticed on the Squad discord, I added some new roles and ranks. These exist to highlight and reward dedicated Squad players in our community, as well as help make for better staff picks for the servers. This will also give any future SM a better picture of the member-base. Most of these come with new special discord roles and colors, but only two come with whitelist.





Operator - This rank is awarded by management to dedicated and active members who have contributed significantly to our Squad servers.





  • Operator role on the Squad discord.
  • Access to a special #vip, #officers-lounge , #enlisted-lounge discord channel.
  • Eligible for some Loyalist raffles.*
  • Lifetime whitelist.
  • Can nominate other members to the rank of Lieutenant.
  • Allowed to use the [SG] tag ( limited to Squad )



Loyalist - This rank can be requested by members who belong to the TOP 30 most active players (PLAYTIME) in a server. This is awarded based on activity of the previous month, for 1 month. This is a WHITELIST rank.



Perks (for 1 month):


  • Loyalist role on the Squad discord.
  • Access to a special #vip discord channel.
  • Access to Squad raffles.*
  • whitelist (1 month)


Lieutenant - Has 300+ hours the servers OR is endorsed by a Operator as an active Squad Leader.





  • Lieutenant role on the Squad discord.
  • Access to #officers-lounge and #enlisted-lounge
  • Access to any "mini-raffles"*


Sergeant -  Has 200+ hours on the servers.
Corporal - Has 100+ hours on the servers.
Private - Has 20+ hours on the servers



  • New role.
  • Access to the #enlisted-lounge



New discord channels:



#vip : loyalist and operator raffles*, discussion, suggestion-questions to management. A space for dedicated members.

#officers-lounge : Squad tactical and strategic discussion, on the SL and Commander level. Ask questions, offer advice, make suggestions to management or discuss anything SL+

#enlisted-lounge - Discuss Squad below the SL level. Form Squad, organize training, ask for tips or offer advice.



I am raffling a 30 Euro game between next months' Loyalists . Here is what you need to do:


  1. Be among the TOP 30 most active players on SG Squad servers in January. All times are cumulative.
  2. Join the Squad Discord:
  3. Request the Loyalist rank in the Squad Discord in Febuary.
  4. ???
  5. Potentially profit.



*All raffles are currently out of my own pocket. Don't expect them every month.


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