Thought about streaming on Twitch?

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Thought about streaming on Twitch? Well now's your chance!

Streaming is a great way to have fun and play games while providing viewers with entertaining gameplay and moments!

SG has had many streams with everybody's favourite Streamer, Hawks being at the forefront of them BUT, Hawks isn't a machine that we can drain content from 24/7. He's still gotta eat, sleep and work like everybody else so we're looking for Charismatic and Hard Working Members/Staff to make our Streamer Team one of the best Twitch Channels out there.


What do I get out of joining the Streamer Rank?

Well aside from joining the second best SG Team.

You would be able to host streams on SG's Twitch Channel, you would get to bring up idea's & improvements for Twitch, you'd work very closely with SG's best team (Marketing) as well as the design team for creative ideas. 

You would receive the beautiful purple Streamer Rank to show off on the Forums, you'd get access to the #streamers chat on Discord with the most important perk out of them all. You would become a moderator on the Steam-Gamers Twitch to monitor streams, chat and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

You will also be here to host/join in on our larger Charity/Fundraiser Streams and Event Streams!

While the Streamer Rank does not come with any server commands, you will be making a larger impact in the community than "/mute <player>".


How often am I expected to Stream?

Being a SG Streamer is not a very demanding role.

While there are times where you may be needed to stream such as with Charity/Fundraiser Streams, ideally SG will host 1-2 Streams a week (One stream being the minimum) between all the Streamers so you will have time to plan ahead, or ask a fellow Streamer to host a stream if your are unable to due to reasons.


What can I Stream? Am I told what to Stream/Play?

This should take some weight off your shoulders.

NO! As a Streamer you are in control. SG is not going to force you to stream or play something that you don't want to.

While you may stream "any" game you'd like, remember, you are a SG Streamer so you have to keep in mind that what you do represents SG. Also keep in mind what games are currently popular, what games will bring viewers and other aspects to grow the Twitch Channel.


What would be expected of me?

Not too much to be frank.

You'd be expected to stream obviously, provide a positive experience for viewers to build our audience (Interact with viewers), partake in Twitch related talks within the team and enjoy your time streaming. No good stream starts off by the streamer not enjoying themselves so make sure you're in a positive mood before you start. That's about it.


Can I promote my channel? 

Yes. One of the extra perks is that you can use SG viewership to grow your own personal channel.


If any of you have questions about the Streamer Role or about streaming for SG in general then feel free to send me a message on the Forums or Discord.

I'm active on both so it shouldn't take long for me to get back to you :)


If you are interested in applying for Streamer then please, make an application.

Streamer Application Form

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