Staff of the Month - December 2020

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Hello everyone,


I know we are halfway into January and it is the new year but it is never too late to give recognition to those who deserve it. These two gentlemen have been outstanding staff members from the day they joined the team. They both might get made fun of a lot but they still push through and spend countless hours making the servers a better place for everyone.


I cannot give you a number that would be worthy of describing how much this guy gets shit on on the daily. We might all make fun of this guy for being mute but we secretly love him for all the work he puts in on the Modding Team and everything he contributes for as a Community Advisor. As I mentioned earlier, this guy has been an excellent staff member from the day he applied for a position. 


Please join me in congratulating the person we use as a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong, @20 scrolls. Congratulations on Staff of the Month.


I'm not done yet. This next guy has been destined to be in the spot he is in today. I am not even sure if this guy sleeps. He's coming up with new topics and contributing to discussions all day on top of maintaining Jailbreak and making it better for everyone. He may be the Jailbreak Server Manager but he is also so much more than that. I always see him working alongside his peers to help keep up with theirs servers. Some may find him to be annoying because of his work pace but he's just a hardworking individual who cares about Steam-Gamers a whole lot. He took his role as Server Manager and ran with it.


Please join me in congratulating @TheZZLfor achieving Staff of the Month.

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you two make me want to drink hardcore but you guys are pretty fuckin insane at what you do, grats children and keep it up

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S/o Scrolls, personal mapping slave! Seriously though thank you for all the work that you do, I very seriously appreciate it. You deserve more credit than you're given, but you're also a mute so it cancels out with PEMDAS.


Thanks for the recognition Ds <3 . I just try to do the work that needs to get done. The real shoutout is to @Nishok and  @Trazz who not only work with me, but just help me out in so many ways. Thank you two guys, I really appreciate it. 



By the way, @20 scrolls, I need you to recompile jb_lost_planet_redux again. Back to mapping!


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20 scrolls and zzl, that sounds like a nice couple, congrats.

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