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(Roster) SG Squad Competitive League

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Command & Support

Squad/Cell/Section Leader - @Nate.

Medic - @A Decently Paid Janitor

Medic - @The Real Slim Jim

Direct Combat

Rifleman - @Chad

Rifleman - @TheZZL

Rifleman - @ROB THE ROB

Fire Support

Grenadier - @gween

Automatic Rifleman - @colrite

Marksman - Open

Light Anti Tank - Open


Machine Gunner - Open

Heavy Anti Tank - @RemixedPixel

Combat Engineer - Open

Sapper - Open


Message a Squad Server Manager if you have questions.



Edited by Nate.

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Just a little bump, we are still looking for new players. All skill levels are encouraged to join as long as you can put in the time on weekends for the tournaments. 

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