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OpenTTD Event! 5/15: 12-3PM

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I made this banner myself, but I must thank @fozilla mirefox@euro and @Strayyzfor the artistic direction on this!


What is OpenTTD?


OpenTTD is a transport tycoon where you start as a small transport company and you do your best to grow into a total transport and resource mogul. You compete against other people which can be either AI or Human Players!



How do I get OpenTTD?


OpenTTD is totally FREE!!!! You can download it on Steam through this link. There are plenty of tutorials online of how to get into this game, such as this one here.




When and Where?


The event is on Saturday, May 15th at 12 PM and runs until 3 PM. I will host a server on the day of the event and will provide information how to join when the event takes place. All you need as players is a stable internet connection.



Any Rules?


Do not cheat or exploit. The goal of the game is to beat out your opponents and inevitably take down other companies, but don't do it in a game-y way. This event is for fun and for causal players, don't ruin the experience for others for a quick win.





We will also be hosting this event through our Discord in the events channel. Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!
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This event has been postponed to a date to be determined due to unforeseen circumstances. Sorry for any disappointment. 

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