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New TF2 Rule suggestions

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Intentional suicide to obstruct your team's chance of winning is prohibited. 


(This of course, is situational). If the entire server is being friendly, and just messing around having fun, then who really cares.


Do not intentionally delay rounds. Both teams should be actively pursuing either the objective, or trying to kill the enemy team.




Extreme Spawn camping for extended periods of time is also not allowed. This, of course, is up to the discretion of admins.


(This rule I don't have a very large support for, but consistent spawn camping of 5+ people can really kill the server, as it's important for admins to distinguish the difference between a 1 person putting sticky traps right outside spawn, vs a heavy, 2 medics,  a sentry nest, and 2/3 demos dropping stickies constantly).




A full team spawn camping. 


(I can't really get an example of what it looks like, but you get the point)




This is really all up for discussion, but I suggest all of the rules be implemented in some shape or form. The spawn camping one is an extreme rough draft, and it can definitely be improved in terms of wording.


thank you @Strayyzfor the help

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