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since i have a macbook and i can’t ‘clip’ anything, when someone is free killing i try and ho to spectator to record on my phone. whenever i go spec they can see when i switch teams. i was wondering if there could be a way to hide the join team pop up for spectators because it’s a hard thing to deal with on mac

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Unfortunately with my understanding admins are the only ones that it hides the pop up for but I am sure there is different programs out there that you can download in order to be able to clip moments. Just do a google search and make sure you are not downloading a virus.

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not sure about jb as i mainly only know for ttt but this is how it works on ttt


if the server generates a message in chat at the same time you switch to spec it wont show the switch message


on ttt at the start of every round it displays the [SG] Your karma is 99999 message and if you make the server send another message through console like !m it wont show "You cant use this as a dead player" message because of chat delay


the switch message might also have absolutely nothing to do with the server messages through console and only displays within the games code but i cant really check right now

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