Clip of the Month - October 2021

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Welcome to Clip of the Month - October 2021


I would like to give a big thanks to @ThRzafor the help in arranging these clips and @thuxysfor the gmod clips


be sure to vote for your favorite clip!

can we also fix videos being centered thx :)

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7 hours ago, TheZZL said:

Sick COTM, dope editing


Loved @Asher in the second clip


Always great to see a crippling gambling addiction @Zero Two


hey thanks man, ever since I came to america, everything has just been so much more enjoyable

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Solid stuff, had fun watching it. Only complaint I have is Kuri's clip butchered to oblivion. The original is amazing stuff, literally dies from a Best Korea NPC.



Also wish I recorded this for my POV. This shit had me in tears when I saw it happen.


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