2 Server Changes and 3 New Servers!

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Hi everyone. Today I am here to announce major changes to two of our existing servers, and announce the opening of three new servers! I want to keep this short and sweet, so let's just get right into it. But I will simply thank everyone involved in the making of these servers, you know who you are and I appreciate you immensely.


The two servers experiencing changes:


Easy Bunnyhop-

  • IP will remain the same @ or
  • Will now only include maps of Tier 1 through some Tier 3 difficulty
  • The replay bot has been wiped since many times didn't match records or were from cheated runs.
  • All player times and completions have been wiped to account for a smaller map pool and give everyone a fresh start as we are in a sense, "re-launching" the server. (Map # will be updated in a few days, but you won't lose any completions)


Easy Surf-

  • IP will remain the same @ or
  • Will now only include maps of Tier 1 and 2 difficulty.
  • Times and completions of removed maps will be removed to account for the updated map pool. (This is done)


Our three new servers!


Movement Server Discord-

  • Join through this link:
  • Will be a hub for our movement server players, much like how we have a server for Zombie Escape. 
  • Has channels for you to share runs on maps, music bots you can listen to while playing, and more! 
  • Will host a specially made bot that is currently under development :classic_wink:


Hard Bunnyhop- 

  • Can be joined with either of these IPs @ or
  • Will include maps of some T3-T6 difficulty
  • A home for our more serious players who enjoy more challenging maps


Surf 24/7 Rotation-

  • Can be joined with either of these IPs @ or
  • Will include 5 of some of the most popular surf maps on rotation
  • A place for casual surfers to hang out, relax, and make some new friends. 



Some potential questions- 


How will awards for these servers be handled?

  • For Bunnyhop, completion awards will be for both servers. Meaning, if you get 25% completion on either of the servers you can get a 25% completion award. Perhaps I can see if I can get special awards made for something like 50% completion on both servers.
  • For surf rotation, it will just be playtime awards. Kind of senseless to go for any other sort of award on a server with 5 maps. 


Why are we doing this?

  • For Bunnyhop, we decided that creating a place for both styles of players to enjoy would be a good route moving forward. We were hoping to attract casual and new players to the easy server and maintain a casual and friendly atmosphere there, while the hard server is meant to host more seasoned players just looking to compete for times or challenge their own skill with harder maps. 
  • For surf, we just went over statistics of our server and how to improve it, and we noticed that servers that only had Tier 1 and 2 maps typically performed much better than servers with higher tier maps in their map pools. The 24/7 rotation server was just our take on something that's really always been a hit in CS:GO community servers, so we figured it couldn't hurt to try and see if we could make our own popular rotation server.



I hope to see everyone out there! Enjoy! Feel free to ask any questions you have below. 

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