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OG Fortnite Solo Tournament

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Thanks @Che for this awesome banner!

OG Fortnite Solo Tournament

In this limited time Fortnite Tournament we'll be playing on a recreation of the OG Season 1 Fortnite Map with OG game mechanics including slow build speed, no sliding/swimming, and original items!

In preparation for this event, please post your Epic Games Account IDs below to be added by our Host. Once you've been added, we'll add you to the list below to confirm. As of now we'll be reserving the first 16 spots for priority in case we encounter game limitations that may not allow us to play with more than 16 players.




stw steel


Che -_-





Saturday, February 26th @ 6:30 PM EST



1st Place: An Item Shop Skin of your choice ($20 Value)

2nd Place: Next Season's BattlePass!

3rd Place: A Dessert Eagle Mecha Industries (Minimal Wear)


Desert Eagle | Mecha Industries - CS:GO Stash

Join the SG Discord to get a headstart on the fun event!




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Added names
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stw steel


gonna throw to get that deag 😇

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@case @Steperd@Che@YokiBird@Time@Fl1ck@Steel_ I just sent friend requests, so make sure to add me back before the event starts. If you don't see anything, or for anyone else who wants to participate, you can directly add my Epic: TheZZL


We start tonight @ 6:30 PM EST in the Events Voice Channel in the main SG Discord!

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Event starting! Even if you didn't sign up and want to participate, join the channel in the Discord and we'll make room for you.

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Wow, what a tournament! It was crazy, there were about three dozen people running around this amazing map and our friend @Steel_ managed to come out on top. Good work to the top three winners!


1st Place: @Steel_

2nd Place: @Fl1ck

3rd Place: @Time


Fl1ck decided to give his battlepass prize to Time in exchange for Steel's Item Shop Item, who received Time's Deagle!


Thanks @john jones for setting up the event, and to all the participants who showed up!


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Easiest event ever. Literally just had to be there and I already won something lol

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